Royal Crown Coalition

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Proposed Canon

The Royal Crown Coalition (abbreviated as RCC) was an alliance created and led by Jetstone faction under Prince Ansom, Chief Warlord and heir to King Slately.


Purpose of Coalition

The coalition was supposedly created to defeat Stanley the Worm.

RCC Makeup

At its height during Battle for Gobwin Knob, the coalition consisted of seven Capital Sides:

and Natural Allies:

Changes in Coalition

When Stanley the Tool flees from Gobwin Knob Prince Ansom ordered Transylvito, Charlescomm and Barbarians (Jillian Zamussels) to leave the coalition and form a new alliance to go after Stanley.

RCC Breakup

Upon demise of Prince Ansom and sustaining massive losses at Gobwin Knob in volcano eruption the coalition was dissolved.

Real World References

The Royal Crown Coalition's name is a bit of a pun based on the RC Cola soft drink.