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*As of yet Unknown.
*Tramennis has stated a relationship between Rhyme-o-mancy and music.
==Known Rhyme-o-mancers==
==Known Rhyme-o-mancers==

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Class\Axis Erf Fate Numbers
Stagemancy Hat Magic Carnymancy Rhyme-o-mancy

Proposed Canon


Rhyme-o-mancy is one of the three disciplines of the Magic class Stagemancy; it is aligned with the axis of Numbers.Erf-b1-p038aSame-site.PNG


  • Tramennis has stated a relationship between Rhyme-o-mancy and music.

Known Rhyme-o-mancers

As of yet, no known Rhyme-o-mancer has been introduced.


There are two times where rhyming takes place in the comic, although neither has obvious magical effects that other displayed magic so far has, and unlike the rhyming when dance fighting, although dance fighting may be a form of stagemancy. The first example occurs the night before the final battle for Gobwin Knob, when the troops in the courtyard sing a song insulting Jetstone and Transylvito.Erf-b1-p101Same-site.PNG Its only effect seems to be angering Prince Ansom and many other coalition members (understandably). The second time is when Wanda attacks Ansom when he is alone on top of the wall. Erf-b1-p119Same-site.PNG This seems to be spoken mostly to herself, a personal call to arms perhaps, but is possibly a form of intimidation as well as she finishes as she first engages Ansom.

  • possibly linked to dance-fighting and sound-based magic.