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Proposed Canon

Resizing items is an important mechanic in Erfworld, which serves two main purposes:

  • it allows persons of different stature to use same items with convenience ("one size fits all"), and
  • it allows storing items in the personal inventory without much encumbrance.

Items that can be resized include Magic ItemsErf-b1-p033Same-site.PNG, and even ArkentoolsLIAB Text 29.


Resizing items is probably Natural Magic (Natural Stuffamancy).

It is mentioned that non-magical items cannot be resized.First Intermission 28, WoT-4047518 However, it is unclear whether this limitation is only true for increasing or decreasing the size of an item for ease of use or convenience, or it also applies to moving items to and from inventory. It seems that some items that can be stored in the inventory (shrunk for storage and expanded for use) are not magical (Vinny's coffinFirst Intermission 10, Jillian's tent and bedrollFirst Intermission 12, capture netIPTSF Text 19 are examples).

Raiments that fit any wearerIPTSF Text 7 may or may not be using Natural Dollamancy instead.