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=Proposed Canon=
A [[Warlord]] can be assigned to manage a [[city]] as its Regent. This is a temporary position that can begin or end at any time.
To have an effect, the Warlord must spend his entire turn walking around the city, observing. This prevents him from taking any other meaningful actions that turn, such as [[Combat|fighting]], strategising actively, [[training]], etc.
Effects of having a warlord manager are:
*Lowers costs for city improvement and production of [[equipment]], [[provisions]], etc.
*Increases [[shmuckers]] produced by the city.
*Reduces the [[upkeep]] of [[unit]]s that spend the entire [[turn]] in the city.
Citation:  http://www.erfworld.com/2009/09/summer-updates-035/
==Known Regents==
[[Al Frappacino]], [[Parson Gotti]]
==Known Regencies==
[[Aqua Velva]], [[Gobwin Knob]]
==Royal Regent==
==Royal Regent==

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Royal Regent

A Royal Regent is a non-Heir, even non-Royal Commander who is named Ruler of a side on a conditional or temporary basis, until a suitable Royal Heir can be popped.