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Prince Racket
Race: Men
Faction: Squashcourt
Class: Chief Warlord
Special: Royal, Leadership

Proposed Canon

“I already said our concerns had been substantially addressed! I said it an hour ago!”

Strengths: Forceful Diplomacy, Avid Reader, Loyal

Weaknesses: Going into the wilderness alone

First Appearance: WB2014 Lord Crush - Part 1

Prince Racket was the Chief Warlord of Squashcourt, the son of King Scrofula and brother of Prince Axe Bodyspray.

He traveled the wilderness on his own and was supposedly croaked by feral wildlife, though some people suspect his father, King Scrofula, actually disbanded him.


He was brash and outspoken. He wasn't patient with foolishness but was rarely foolish himself. He was a reliable advocate for the So-be-it Union and frequently stood up to his father when he was considering foolish ideas.


Lord Crush

He and Lord Crush developed an intellectual friendship, they traded books from their libraries and correspondence.

King Scrofula

King Scrofula very much loved his son and depended on him for deeply for Racket's intelligence when planning. However, Racket would loudly and forcefully disagree with his father whenever he had a bad idea. When Scrofula was swayed and thought of Maglite as a friend and considered betraying the Union, Racket would have been completely opposed. In fact, Dunkin McClown suspected that rather than dying in combat Scrofula may have Disbanded him to move unopposed.

Real World References

His name is likely a reference to the game of Squash, which is played with a racket. It could also be a reference to the expression "making a racket", which he likely did when at the conference and talking down his father.

Preceded by:
Chief Warlord of Squashcourt Succeeded by:
Prince Axe Bodyspray