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Quotes from Wanda Firebaugh

Book 0: Inner Peace (through superior firepower)

Book 1: The Battle for Gobwin Knob

You're using the Arkenhammer to crack walnuts? [Yeah.] But it's divine. A tool of the Titans. - TBFGK 4

I can manage quite a number of magicks outside of Croakamancy, but I have little interest in them. - TBFGK 13

[Do you have a headache spell?] Yes! Or... to cure one? No. If I had that, I would never stop casting it. - TBFGK 17

You'll only say that word again. - TBFGK 20

I don't laugh. - TBFGK 23

When Prisoner says "the easy way," then she gets the easy way. But when Prisoner says "the very easy way?" She gets "the very hard way." - TBFGK 30

Good girls get to eat sushi. - TBFGK 38

Not entirely unwitting. Not entirely controlled. It's... complex. - TBFGK 41

What is a "child?" - TBFGK 43

Do you wish to be the shortest-lived warlord we have ever had? I admit that would be an impressive accomplishment... - TBFGK 47

That is your task, Warlord. Mine may be harder. For I must prevent our lord and master from disbanding you. - TBFGK 47

[Did you win?] Didn't lose. - TBFGK 98

You are wrong. 'f that was an order. - TBFGK 103

[... I'm glad you don't laugh.] Yes, be. - TBFGK 103

S'lesss than... what you took... from me. - TBFGK 122

Touch me. Come down. Touch me with them. - TBFGK 122

You are not... the perfect warlord. Your plans... f-fail. - TBFGK 124

[I killed everybody, Wanda.] Yes. Good job. - TBFGK 143

Oh, for these I have wrecked and ruined more than you have. - TBFGK 143

You didn't wish for this world, Parson Gotti. It wished for you. - TBFGK 143

[What am I?] I don't know... Something new. Something... glorious. - TBFGK 144

I am loyal to Fate magic. I play what parts I must. You do not know what I have done. Or may yet do. - TBFGK 147

But you, too, are an instrument of Fate. You will suffer, as you pursue your path. You will grieve. And lose. As you have lost here. [I didn't lose, Wanda] You did! And it has just begun for you. - TBFGK 147

Book 2: Love is a Battlefield

I know exactly which carrots and sticks she will respond to. [I... see. And which do you plan to use? Carrot or stick?] I don't yet know. But in her case, they are often interchangeable. - LIAB 15

Do we ever... do it the easy way? - LIAB 16

Ossomer was high-level and competent enough, but Wanda disliked this one. It was as if, instead of promoting a warlord from the ranks, someone had gone down to the larder and promoted a side of beef. - LIAB Text 20

Mathamancy was largely bunk. - LIAB Text 20

Ossomer scowled, Jack observed, and Sylvia always, always burned. Wanda liked Sylvia. - LIAB Text 20

As I have told you, Lord Parson, you are an instrument of Fate. Your plan will succeed. Although likely at some terrible cost. - LIAB 38

There are few things I miss about that time. Although, I am surprised... There was one I thought we must have in common. - LIAB Text 35

Found leadership. - LIAB 51

[You must have danced divinely that day.] I must have. That is the only way I know how. - LIAB Text 46

Disband yourself. - LIAB 68

To live is to suffer. Our Fate is our only release. - LIAB 70

I don't know, Lord Parson. It is new to me as well! - LIAB 81

Such a long game... What will we play at now? - LIAB 112

Book 3: Hamsterdance vs. the Charlie Foxtrot

I think I would very much like to try that. - Hvs.tCF 7

You can't stop the rock... - Hvs.tCF 12

We will all regret it. - Hvs.tCF 29

[Just in case there are any less trifling things you'd care to change.] Only the world. - Hvs.tCF 48

He's asking you to lie. You're not going to say that the Titans guide us, that all the world's sides are Fated to fall or march beside us. But you still know it is true, don't you? - Hvs.tCF 68

Magic Words

"Scruby!" - TBFGK 17


Trioxin. - TBFGK 116

Fate does n-not care.
Each knotted mmind entwined.
Each sso... soul another's bind.
And blind... though we are led,
In time, we d-... do know when
To cut a thread! - TBFGK 119