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:::''Sizemore & Maggie, on linking, [[First Intermission 26]]''
:::''Sizemore & Maggie, on linking, [[First Intermission 26]]''
*"And it was very little risk. In our earlier link, we discovered a strong rapport. Such mutual trust can make the process a great deal easier."<br>
:::''Maggie, on linking, [[First Intermission 26]]''
*'''Grandiocosmic Strings (pull quotes later)'''<br>
*'''Grandiocosmic Strings (pull quotes later)'''<br>

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Quoted statements about the various branches of magic.

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Quotes. Citations. Everything.
Status: Book 1 finished.
I would request that this be limited to quotes on how magic works for now, rather than things that just have the word magic in them (eg. "So... magic, right?")

Pull quotes from TBFGK 38a later; basics of magic, classes &c.






Hocus Pocus




  • "Mathamancy is what, again? Analyzing probabilities... predicting outcomes?
    Yes, and the raw calculations of that work."
Parson & Sizemore, TBFGK 54




  • "Tell me about that. Where do changes of clothes come from?" [...]
"Well, it's Dollamancy, Lord," said Maggie, looking up at him. [...] "This particular 'outfit'... I would call it 'raiment'... came from the Magic Kingdom. The helm was made by one of our new Twolls.
"Yeah, how do Twolls do that? Bogroll made my armor, and he put the sword together. This new guy Zhopa just made me a picnic basket." [...]
"Twolls have the 'fabrication' special, which is a form of natural Dollamancy. Units with that ability can make small nonmagical items, usually armor and equipment. I understand that the next Twoll we pop will be assigned to the stables as a smith and saddlemaker."
Parson nodded. "But the rest of the clothes were from an actual Dollamancer?"
"Yes, his name is Ken."
Parson & Maggie, First Intermission 25
  • "What about these symbols?" Parson slapped his chest plate. "My Hamstard crest and Wanda's skull emblem, and the Stanley posters. That's all Dollamancy, too?"
    "The emblems are called 'livery,' Lord. And yes, that is a common form of natural Dollamancy. New units pop bearing the livery their Ruler desires. Twolls can fabricate items which bear their master's livery. And when a caster creates another unit, as in golem-making or uncroaking, the caster sets the livery and other features of the unit's appearance."
Parson & Maggie, First Intermission 25




  • "... Sizemore can dig through solid rock, it's cool to watch."
Parson Gotti, TBFGK 77a
  • "Hav- Having a Dirtamancer in your city when you upgrade it reduces the cost by a lot," he began.
Parson tried to see where this was going. "Okayyyy..."
"But it means the Dirtamancer sets the appearance, the shape of things... and the livery."
Sizemore & Parson, First Intermission 25
  • "Touching the spade to the grass of Portal Park put Sizemore directly in touch with Erfworld. He sensed the physical world in deep, primal ways which he found difficult to convey to other casters. Even Changemancers and Dittomancers would stare at him blankly when he described it, though they too practiced forms of Stuffamancy."
Sizemore Rockwell, LIAB Text 45
  • "He could feel the ground feeling him, pulling him down, pushing up on the soles of his feet as he lifted each leg to walk. In the soil below, rocks sat immersed in the cold mud. Their whole surface touched it, in all dimensions at once. Sizemore could feel this contact as if the pebbles were his own toes and fingers"
Sizemore Rockwell, LIAB Text 45
  • "Sizemore's mind slid away, down below his feet, to his other self. The strata, the stresses, the peace of land at rest, he understood them that way: as if they were parts of his own body. The ground could be comfortable and sedate, like a tired person feels when lying on onsic a soft mattress. Or it could be awkward, unsustainable, like a man trying to lean on a jagged stump, or sleep upside down on a stone staircase. The land in the Magic Kingdom was deeply, permanently at rest."
Sizemore Rockwell, LIAB Text 45
  • "This body analogy described something he had always intuited about the land. But only since his link with the Lady Firebaugh did he think of it consciously. His entire mental frame for visualizing his discipline had been reworked on that day. A hundred turns later, he was still reconsidering the fundamentals of his craft. [...] Between the volcano link-up and his three recent levels (two from traps and combat, one from all of the city rebuilding), Sizemore was now a greater Dirtamancer than he ever imagined he could become. He had not actually crossed the threshold to Master class, but that could happen any time a caster gained powerful new insight into his discipline or major class. The body analogy wasn't quite enough to push him past that mark; he was still missing something. But for the first time in his life, he felt pretty sure that he would get there."
Sizemore Rockwell, LIAB Text 45




  • "This item works on "Eyemancy." Which covers "Lookamancy", "Thinkamancy", and "Foolamancy." And it uses all three of those."
Parson Gotti, TBFGK 35
  • "The Eyemancers may be our single most valuable asset, above even the Arkenhammer. Ordering them linked was... the shrewdest thing I've ever known Stanley to do. They created the Eyebooks. They give us unmatched communications and intelliegence. When Stanley sees you have tampered with their functioning..."
Wanda Firebaugh, TBFGK 47



  • "Not entirely unwitting. Nor entirely controlled. It's... complex."
Wanda Firebaugh, TBFGK 41
  • "We control her, though. So just make her write the message. Right?
    The control is subtle, Warlord. Suggestions, perceptions, emotions... not commands."
Parson & Wanda, TBFGK 41
  • "What is this link up?
*sigh* It's a trick that only Thinkamancers can perform. A caster's will is subsumed into a... kind of psychological alloy with the Thinkamancer. The joint mind they form can cast spells no single caster can even comprehend.
The downside being that the casters lose their will...
Their sanity... their individuality... It's a risky and fragile spell, especially with three. Four can't even be done. Talking to them as individuals can break that spell, Parson. That may croak the casters. Or leave them useless. Or, have no effect."
Parson & Sizemore, TBFGK 54
  • "These kinds of spells rely on the subject. Suggestions can make her inclined to do things... such as lead recklessly, disobey orders. She provides her own reasons for these choices.
Which she is doing!
Yes. But those are things she is inclined to do anyway."
Sizemore & Wanda, TBFGK 64
  • "Suggestions like 'turn sides' or 'ignore enemy forces' may be too hard for her to rationalize, and cause her to break the spell."
Sizemore Rockwell, TBFGK 64
  • "There are things she will not do.
Okay, but... like what?
*sigh* She won't fight for someone she hates. Nor harm someone she loves."
Wanda & Parson, TBFGK 66
  • "The spell compells [sic] you to seek a reason."
Jaclyn, TBFGK 67
  • "But when such a spell breaks, there is a kind of backlash. A cord which snaps. A good Thinkamancer can protect herself from damage. Had I been the caster, the object of the spell would have borne the brunt of it. This would likely have croaked the unit or left it incapacitated."
Maggie, TBFGK 84
  • "Incredibly useful, incredibly scary magic. We got into spells, communications, suggestions... and then she mentions "Natural Thinkamancy." Innate magic. Like how some units fly and some dig... that's "Natural Magic." When scouting units send back intel, that's Natural Thinkamancy. But apparently so is following the Tool's orders. All units are subject to Natural Thinkamancies: Obedience, Loyalty, Duty, and others."
Parson Gotti, TBFGK 84a
  • "The Arkendish affords him a command of Thinkamancy I cannot match."
Maggie, TBFGK 88
  • "There is a feeling. You may no longer notice it. But think of the first spell you ever cast. When you cast within your disclipline, there is a sense of warmth, comfort, familiarity. I want you to relax, and recall that feeling. Find the feel of your discipline, and step inside it. Lose yourself to it. Become your function."
Maggie, on forming a link-up, TBFGK 135
  • "All right, I'll need a master-class Thinkamancer to unravel this link. More than one, preferably."
Janis Atlantis, on breaking a link-up, TBFGK 140
  • "[The veil] worked because Bogroll already resembled you in most important aspects. Thinkamancy works similarly, on the mind to which it is applied. The changes it makes are remarkably small and subtle. It cannot turn a dullard into a genius, or a mouse into a maniac.
Or a hamster into a pit bull... Right, so if I thought of this. If I did this...
Then some very great part of you wanted to. The spell only nudged it forward."
Maggie & Parson, TBFGK 148
  • "It's utterly fascinating, casting from a link. I just... understand the spell so clearly." According to Maggie, a two-caster linkup was a less risky and drastic thing than three, especially when done voluntarily. In it, the Thinkamancer's function was something like "cognitive copilot," managing the other caster's mental functions, focusing his attention and boosting his energy to achieve better results than the caster could alone. And it had worked. Their side got a better capital out of it than if Sizemore had upgraded the city by himself. The link was easily broken afterward, and neither of them seemed to suffer any harm."
Sizemore & Maggie, on linking, First Intermission 26
  • "And it was very little risk. In our earlier link, we discovered a strong rapport. Such mutual trust can make the process a great deal easier."
Maggie, on linking, First Intermission 26
  • Grandiocosmic Strings (pull quotes later)
Maggie, LIAB Text 38; Isaac, LIAB Text 40


  • "Waitwaitwait. Time out. We can veil our troops?"
Parson Gotti, TBFGK 61
  • "There is absolutely no way to pull this 'veiling' thing, right?
No, you need a Foolamancer in–
... in the stack you're veiling, right.
Yes, and–
And we can't do it with the Eyemancers linked up. And we can't cast on the enemy's turn."
Parson & Sizemore, TBFGK 64
  • "We got eleven pairs of warlord eyes here, and he's got thirty or so units. So there's like 300 chances to blow the veil, if he's got one."
Vinny Doombats, TBFGK 107
  • " Lord, recall the Foolamancy veil I cast on your lackey. That would not have worked on a gobwin. It worked because Bogroll already resembled you in most important aspects."
Maggie, TBFGK 148
  • "Above the fountain of sparks there appeared a huge, glowing apparition of Stanley the Tool's face, surrounded by bright rays of red and gold, just as he appeared on his new emblem. But these rays were like arrows pulsing outward, outward... go that way, scatter! Whether the archons took the direction literally or not, they knew the big giant head projection was beyond any of their natural Foolamancy abilities, and it certainly had not been part of the rehearsal."
The narrator, First Intermission 7
  • "Foolamancy is Eyemancy. By habit and trade, a Foolamancer must look. At all times, the Foolamancer must observe the nouns around him in finest detail and broadest stroke, in a way that other minds do not. Other minds take shortcuts. Other minds construct, telling themselves stories about what they see, rather than seeing. Foolamancy is therefore only a narrative. To tell a mind it sees something, the Foolamancer must both see the world as it is, and also as it is seen.
    Staring into the void of that discrepancy is what drives one mad, really."
Jack, LIAB Text 10
  • "Habitually, he sought out the lines and dots of the scenery, the little hooks that other minds used to build their idea of the world around them."
Jack, LIAB Text 21
  • "Phoebe was made of brick. She was covered in soot. Black and red and gray, matching the colors of her raiment. All in a column, matching her general body size and opacity. She was a chimney on a rooftop, one of many dozens. It was a really good veil. Maybe her best ever. Gold star! The enemy’s minds would not have to reconcile very much with their eyes, and that was the name of the game."
Phoebe, LIAB Text 56


Flower Power

  • "But in the presence of so much Flower Power, time perception sort of crumbles. The Hippiemancers call it–
    'Flaking.' I know."
Sizemore & Wanda, TBFGK 11
  • "Even a Grand Abbie couldn't hope to quiet the coming battle."
Wanda Firebaugh, TBFGK 13






  • "Uncroaked casters just function as infantry..."
Parson Gotti, TBFGK 77a
  • "She explained it this way. 'Croakamancy comes from the mind.' The more time and attention the caster spends uncroaking the unit, the closer it will be to its original strength and abilities when it was alive. And the more turns it lasts before degrading. So a good croakamancer can mass-animate every fallen unit in a hex, or city zone. But they'll be the weakest kind, and only last a few turns."
Parson Gotti, TBFGK 116
  • "These are Uncroaked. They require a simple, specific order of battle."
Maggie, TBFGK 123
  • "Uncroaked infantry, led by a master-class Croakamancer... can."
Parson Gotti, on dance-fighting, TBFGK 127
  • "I can decrypt many unit types which had been impossible to uncroak before."
Wanda Firebaugh, on using the Arkenpliers, TBFGK 146



Hat Magic

  • "Is it dual use?
    Abjuration only. Report any engagements and observations at the end of your move."
Jillian & Ansom, TBFGK 9







  • "It had been as ridiculous as everything else in Erfworld, rebuilding the city. The Overlord ordered it, the treasury was debited, and the city was instantly recreated. It was only Moneymancy. When it happened, Parson was standing in the ruins of the courtyard. There was a sound like a wind chime, with a whoosh of orchestral cymbals. Enormous, blinding magical sparkles filled the sky and the ground. And then the city was simply standing again, fully intact. There was no more rubble, not even a wisp of settling dust."
Parson Gotti, First Intermission 1