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Unresolved Questions


  • How big is Erf, number of kingdoms, worldmap ...
  • What is The Fourth Arkentool ? How many more are there ?
  • Do the names of cities influence their nature? Would Faq have become a very different place if Jillian really had changed its name to Ansom?
    • Both Faq and Gobwin Knob have had significantly different structure/appeanace - one under two leaders, one under the same leader but with 2 casters making decisions - and under the same names


  • Units, possible types, Stats, Upkeep ...
  • Value of money, city-production, cost of founding/upgrading a city
  • List of spells, cost of scrolls
  • How does combat work?


  • Why did the Titans create Erfworld?
  • What is the purpose of Erfworld's endless War?
  • Do the Titans directly intervene in the development of Erfworld?
  • If Parson's activities interfere with their plans, will they intervene to stop Parson?


  • When casters are rare, how did the tiny kingdom Faq get its casters fast enough to protect itself from being discovered?
    • One would imagine they probably had Jack first, and used scouts to identify incoming threats before they had a Predictamancer. Plus the natural location would probably make visitors rare, at least at first. Also, since Banhammer really didn't want any warlords, he probably popped casters more frequently/faster than normal. If the Titans read his heart and fate.
      • Or, the Predictamancer was the first caster popped, and then she predicted when Banhammer should pop Warlords so that they would be casters rather than as just warlords.
      • Or some of them were Magic Kingdom mercenaries and not actual Faq subjects.
  • What was Wanda's job in Faq? Was she Faq's Predictamncer?
    • No, quite clearly there was a Predictamancer who talked to her at one point. As a Croakamancer, Banhammer probably had little use for her; maybe this is why she began to learn other magics.
  • What philosophy or philosophies did King Banhammer believe, or was he just interested in learning as many as he could?
  • Does Wanda believe in Faqian philosophy? If she does, how do her beliefs influence her actions?
    • What is Faqian philosophy? I mean, other than what someone made up based on the city names Faq, Otoh, and Kibo?


  • How did Ansom meet Vinny, how did they become friends ?

Gobwin Knob

  • What happened when/before Stanley became overlord?
  • How did Stanley find and attune to the Arkenhammer?

Magic Kingdom

  • Where do all the portals lead to / does every capital have a portal ?
    • Yes, every capital has a portal to the Magic Kingdom. Are there other kinds of portals?
  • If casters in the MK earn their upkeep by making scrolls, how do casters of less popular types survive?
    • By selling more expensive scrolls, perhaps? Supply and demand would play a huge part here.
    • Charity/Communism/Hippiemancers
      • Not just scrolls: Dollamancers can get by by making and selling clothes at least; sides could pay Dirtamancers to come to their cities and give them the discount on leveling up. I would imagine most types of casters have marketable skills like that.
    • By performing services for more popular type casters, earning Rands, and getting Moneymancers (paid in Rands) to pay their upkeep for them? Or by using the Rands they earn to pay Dirtamancers or Flower Power casters to produce provisions for them?
    • Something has to motivate them to seek employ in a Capital Side. Stanley comments that Wanda wasn't "looking for work" when she contacted him from the MK. Seems that's not a too-uncommon behavior, then.


  • Do Units have an upper limit on their lifespan?
  • Have older appearing units aged or were they popped bald/balding or grey?
    • Could this be a function of natural Signamancy rather than actual aging?
      • This seems likely; recall that Jillian's appearance changed when she became Royal (it was gradual, too, not instantaneous). Indeed, most older-looking units are Rulers. And Royal rulers at that. The only other elder units I can think of are casters and (possibly high level) warlords.
  • Stanley uses the word "kid" as a diminutive. We know he can't mean child, and probably does not mean goat. Does he mean a younger person? a less experienced person? a less important person?
    • Units do have a concept of paternity from their Royalty (Royal Heirs are the only units with a true "father" or "mother").