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Unresolved Questions


  • Units, possible types, Stats, Upkeep ...
  • Value of money, city-production, cost of founding/upgrading a city
  • How big is Erf, number of kingdoms, worldmap ...
  • List of spells, cost of scrolls
  • What is The Fourth Arkentool ? How many more are there ?
  • Do the names of cities influence their nature? Would Faq have become a very different place if Jillian really had changed its name to Ansom?
    • Both Faq and Gobwin Knob have had significantly different structure/appeanace - one under two leaders, one under the same leader but with 2 casters making decisions - and under the same names


  • Why did the Titans create Erfworld?
  • What is the purpose of Erfworld's endless War?
  • Do the Titans directly intervene in the development of Erfworld?
  • If Parson's activities interfere with their plans, will they intervene to stop Parson?


  • When casters are rare, how did the tiny kingdom Faq get its casters fast enough to protect itself from being discovered?
    • One would imagine they probably had Jack first, and used scouts to identify incoming threats before they had a Predictamancer. Plus the natural location would probably make visitors rare, at least at first. Also, since Banhammer really didn't want any warlords, he probably popped casters more frequently/faster than normal. If the Titans read his heart and fate.
      • Or, the Predictamancer was the first caster popped, and than she predicted when Banhammer should pop Warlords so that they would be casters rather than as just warlords.
  • What was Wanda's job in Faq? Was she Faq's Predictamncer?
    • No, quite clearly there was a Predictamancer who talked to her at one point. As a Croakamancer, Banhammer probably had little use for her; maybe this is why she began to learn other magics.
  • Jillian tells Ansom, "My father liked his rules. Picture your man Webinar as a King. But obsessed with philosophy, not battle."

What did King Banhammer and other Faqian philosophers believe?

    • Why do we think they have philosophers?
  • Does Wanda believe in Faqian philosophy? If she does, how do her beliefs influence her actions?
    • What is Faqian philosophy? I mean, other than what someone made up based on the city names Faq, Otoh, and Kibo?


  • How did Ansom meet Vinny, how did they become friends ?

Gobwin Knob

  • What happened when/before Stanley became overlord?
  • How did Stanley find and attune to the Arkenhammer?

Magic Kingdom

  • Where do all the portals lead to / does every capital have a portal ?
    • Yes, every capital has a portal to the Magic Kingdom. Are there other kinds of portals?
  • If casters in the MK earn their upkeep by making scrolls, how do casters of less popular types survive?
    • By selling more expensive scrolls, perhaps? Supply and demand would play a huge part here.
    • Charity/Communism/Hippiemancers
      • Not just scrolls: Dollamancers can get by by making and selling clothes at least; sides could pay Dirtamancers to come to their cities and give them the discount on leveling up. I would imagine most types of casters have marketable skills like that.


  • Do Units have an upper limit on their lifespan?
  • Have older appearing units aged or were they popped bald/balding or grey?
  • Stanley uses the word "kid" as a diminutive. We know he can't mean child, and probably does not mean goat. Does he mean a younger person? a less experienced person? a less important person?
    • Units do have a concept of paternity from their Royalty (Royal Heirs are the only units with a true "father" or "mother").