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  |special= [[Royal]], [[Leadership]]
  |special= [[Royal]], [[Leadership]], [[Flight]]

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Prince Creen
Race: Men
Faction: Delkey
Class: Warlord
Special: Royal, Leadership, Flight

Proposed Canon

Prince Creen is a prince on the side of Delkey. He is described as being very much a dandy and wears very valuable jewelry created by Delkey's Moneymancer and Dollamancer. He is quite snobby towards his brother, King Posbrake, for favoring pragmatism over decadence. But even more importantly, he has some serious disagreements with the untraditional strategy of King Posbrake's side, Homekey.

Real World References

His name is a reference to the Print Screen key on a keyboard, which allows you to capture an image of what is currently on the screen.

Preceded by:
Unknown, possibly King Posbrake
Chief Warlord of Delkey Succeeded by:
None, incumbent