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This is a reference page for all instances of Predictions, whether they've been fulfilled, disproven or are still possible.


  • LIAB Text 37
    • The choice of including Wanda in the "Ending War on Erf" plan
    • The fall of Faq
  • LIAB 67
    • Janis stacking with Parson
  • IPTSF Text 10
    • Frenemy & Quisling won't maintain alliance with Goodminton
    • Goodminton will not beat Haffaton
    • If Wanda continues to speak, it will bring ruin to Goodminton
  • IPTSF Text 33
    • Banhammer will die & Faq will fall
    • Haffaton will specifically be the agent of Banhammer's destruction
  • IPTSF Text 48
    • Where to put the hat so Jillian would find it
  • LIAB 82
    • Isaac & the Thinkamancers will let Parson through the portal

Predictions Discussed