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Class\Axis Erf Fate Numbers
Hocus Pocus Findamancy Predictamancy Mathamancy

Proposed Canon

Predictamancy is one of the three disciplines of the Magic class Hocus Pocus and composed solely of the element of Life; it is aligned with the axis of Fate.Erf-b1-p038aSame-site.PNG


Natural Predictamancy

Intuition is said to be a natural form of Predictamancy in LIAB Text 38. Battlespace determinations is said to be Natural Predictamancy in IPTSF Text 27.

Known Predictamancers

Predictamancy and causality

Fate events are believed to be set by the Titans. It manipulates Luckamancy to achieve the desired outcome. With a great deal of difficulty, it is indeed possible to defeat fate, but unless it is done with Carnymancy, it results in backlash against the person to resist their fate, causing an event that they like even less to occur.


Predictions that have proven accurate