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|Hocus Pocus
=Proposed Canon=
Predictamancy is one of the three disciplines of the [[Magic]] class [[Hocus Pocus]]; it is aligned with the axis of [[Fate]].{{erf|1|038a|Parson's Klog #2}}
*[[Findamancer]]s and [[Predictamancer]]s in the [[Magic Kingdom]]{{erf|1|013}} together forged a [[Spell]]{{erf|1|005}} that was supposed to summon the "[[Perfect Warlord]]".
== Natural Predictamancy ==
Intuition is said to be a natural form of Predictamancy in [[LIAB Text 38]].
==Known Predictamancers==
*[[Marie Lavraie]]: An predictamancer from [[FAQ]] responsible for many plot central predictions.
==Predictions that have proven accurate==
*[[Marie Lavraie]] predicted that [[Faq]] would fall some day.{{erf|1|082}}
*[[Marie Lavraie]] determined the order in which cities of [[Faq]] were veiled by the [[Foolamancer]].{{erf|1|107}}
*[[Marie Lavraie]] predicted that [[Wanda]] would take possession of an [[Arkentool]] and attune to it.{{erf|1|143}}
==Predictamancy and causality==
The mechanisms of predictamancy have not been described in any detail.  Some possible mechanics are:
===Self Fulfilling Prophecy===
Knowledge of the predictions or predictamancy itself casues the predictions to be true. It could be argued that [[Wanda]] only became attuned to the [[Arkenpliers]] due to a course of actions based on future knowledge.{{erf|1|143}}
===Future event created by prediction===
Any use of Predictamancy could "plant" an event somewhere in the future of the targeted [[creature]]/[[item]]/[[land]]. For example, when [[Wanda]] was affected by Predictamancy, she was "foretold" to attune herself to an [[Arkentool]], but not which one or when. From that point, events that could cause her to attune had a higher odds of occurring, until the prophecy was fulfilled.
===Outside influence===
Forces beyond the scope of ordinary cause and effect in [[Erfworld]] (For instance the [[Titans]]) alter events to reach the predicted state regardless of anybody's knowledge or choices.
The Predictamancer obtains knowledge of future events by some unspecified means. Any actions taken on this knowledge are known in advance as well, and any influence already accounted for. Thus the act of predicting (or more precisely the act of telling someone a prediction) can change events, but the events leading up to the foreknown event are also foreknown.
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Posts like this brighten up my day. Thanks for taikng the time.