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Proposed Canon

Portals are magical teleportation devices that allow a user to leave one hex and enter another instantly. They are considered Titanic in nature, and are likely impossible for mortals to create, even through the power of a caster link. Portals take the form of glowing doorways, and vary in color.LIAB_57:12

The only known portals connect to the Magic Kingdom. One exists in each capital city with an associated endpoint in the Portal Park of Magic Kingdom. The city-side portal is always located near the bottom of the city's tower.

The specific portals in the Magic Kingdom correspond to cities rather than sides, so they will disappear if the city ceases to be a capital (either by being conquered by another side, or by having the side's ruler change the capital to a different city). The portal's colour, however, is tied to the side. For example, once Gobwin Knob's capital was moved from Gobwin Knob (city) to the city of Spacerock, Spacerock's portal took on Gobwin Knob's green in place of Jetstone's blue.Erf-b3-p138Same-site.PNG Casters that belong to a side can naturally find their way to their side's portal in Portal Park by what feels like a gravitational pull.WB2014 Digdoug - Episode 8, IPTSF Text 21

It is unknown whether there is an active portal in Portal Park not leading to a capital of some side.

Known colours of sides' portals:

Passing through a portal does not follow the known Movement rules. It apparently does not require movement points, as proven when Parson was able to use a portal despite being a garrison unit with zero move. Furthermore, units may pass through a portal when it is not their turn, as Parson and his casters left Gobwin Knob during the Royal Crown Coalition's turn, and returned during the night (between turns). Erf-b1-p136Same-site.PNG

Like hex boundaries, portals will not normally allow projectile weapons and trap effects to pass through. The area close to the portal blocks even a fire's heat.

The backside of a portal looks identical to the front end, but unlike the front cannot be passed through.

Casters of Magic Kingdom can decide to seal a portal by using Dirtamancy to create a physical barrier around it from iron plates and masonry.Hvs.tCF 208 These seals are by no means impenetrable, but offer warning in the event of an attack.Hvs.tCF 268

Active portals are a limitless supply of Shockmancy. Most Erfworlders do not have the skill to take advantage of this, but Charlie was able to invent wires, which Dirtamancer Ivan Poe then hooked up to power the city of Charlescomm.Hvs.tCF 267

Portal Columns

LIAB 57.jpg

Portals are projected by columns that extend into the bedrock underground. The columns appear to be constructs of Titanic Dirtamancy. Portal Park has one portal column for each capital site, including those that are currently inactive.WB2014 Digdoug - Episode 19

Even enhanced with Carnymancy, Dirtamancy cannot remove a portal column.Hvs.tCF 274

It is theoretically possible for a linkage between a Dirtamancer, a Dollamancer, and a Thinkamancer to transform a Portal Column into an intelligent entity.

Portal Collars

Portal columns have collars, what Ivan Poe describes as a dampener or lens. If the collar is broken, the column will project portals all over the bedrock. Hvs.tCF 235

At least three portal collars have been broken. The first, unknown portal location, was broken accidentally by Ivan. Charlie had an action figureuse the wonky wrenchto break the collar for his portalHvs.tCF 235, to allow Tondelayo and other Archons to enter the Magic Kingdom under the bedrock, undetected Hvs.tCF 263. Joe Spade accidentally broke the collar of ICFYS's portalHvs.tCF 300 .


A non-caster unit that attempts to walk through a portal to the Magic Kingdom will be disbanded, and vanish. This is how Queen Bea of Unaroyal committed suicide. However, objects, notably including bodies (which can be uncroaked/decrypted on the other side), can pass throughLIAB 112.

While they cannot enter portals to the Magic Kingdom, it is possible for non-casters to exit from the Magic Kingdom. (This is common knowledge.) That makes it possible for casters to sell magic units like golems to sides, while never leaving Magic Kingdom themselves (but not rent, since the return of the unit through the same route isn't possible).Hvs.tCF 267

Carnymancy can be used to bypass this. Janis speculates that Parson is able to enter the Magic Kingdom because of the natural Carnymancy created by his prediction, and Ivan Poe was able to remove the effect from Charlescomm's portal with the Wonky Wrench, a tool created by a Carnymancy/Dirtamancy caster link. He described it as a Carnymancy trick of having a trick card with two backs or a two-headed coin.Hvs.tCF 267


It is possible that the disbandment is a high level Shockmancy effect.