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Proposed Canon

Portals are magic teleportation devices that allow a user to leave one hex and enter another instantly. They may be an example of Hat Magic. Portals take the form of glowing doorways, and vary in color.LIAB_57:12

The only known portals connect to the Magic Kingdom. One exists in each capital city with an associated endpoint in the Magic Kingdom and these portals will shutdown if the city ceases to be a capital (such as if conquered by a side that has already chosen a different capital city as the capital of the side). Cities definitely known to have portals are:

A non-caster unit that attempts to walk through a portal to the Magic Kingdom will be disbanded, and vanish. This is how Queen Bea of Unaroyal committed suicide. However, objects do not count as units, and a dead body counts as an object. It is possible to use this to smuggle uncroaked and decrypted armies into the Magic Kingdom.

Passing through a portal does not follow the known Movement rules. It apparently does not require movement points, as proven when Parson was able to use a portal despite being a garrison unit with zero move. Further, units may pass through the portal when it is not their turn, because Parson and his casters leave Gobwin Knob during the Royal Crown Coalition's turn, and return during the night (between turns). Erf-b1-p136Same-site.PNG


From commentary in Hvs.tCF 2, it would seem that golems are able to leave the Magic Kingdom, but cannot ordinarily return. This would make sense, since it would make it easier for casters to sell some of their wares whilst preventing ambitious sides from exploiting it as a loophole to invade the Magic Kingdom. Regardless, it would seem that Charlie has a means of getting around this.