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To pop, or popping, is the term used within Erfworld for the spontaneous appearance of Units and objects.

In Cities

Units pop at the start of a Side's turn, as part of the normal production of a city. Units pop with a set of non-magical equipment such as standard armor, weaponry, and clothing. Cities may randomly pop extra units, requiring the Ruler to decide to pay a one-time extra cost or disband the unit.

Rations and Unit Upkeep

Units receive physical food rations and other objects required for their daily functioning at the start of their turn. These objects may be consumed at any point in the day, or saved.

Random Popping

Barbarian units may also pop randomly in non-city hexes. Non-unit wildlife pops commonly, with the type, number, and frequency of the plants and animals dependent on the Terrain Type. Magic Items, Artifacts, and Gems may pop randomly in Ruins or the sites of sacked cities.


The disappearance of objects is called unpopping. This happens automagically to corpses of Croaked units which are not Uncroaked, eaten, moved from the city or hex where they were croaked, or claimed as trophies. Unpopping of corpses happens at the start of the next turn their Side has. The disappearance of living units is called disbanding.

Proposed Canon

The Ruler of each side controls the popping orders for all cities.

Casters cannot be intentionally popped. When popping its first few Warlords, a new side will generally pop a random caster.


An established side had a very remote random chance of popping a caster any time they pop a warlord.

The size, forces, location, aggression, etc. (or the Ruler's heart and fate) can increase or decrease the likelihood of popping a caster. (Faq was tiny and nonaggressive - King Banhammer had no use for warlords. He had three casters - though one was potentially a Magic Kingdom hire and another may have come from a different side).