Parson's World

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The Universe Parson Gotti came from. It's generally similar to the real world, but part of the same fictional metaverse of Erfworld (the story). Stanley the Tool named this world as Stupidworld.

The evidence we have for this is:

  • Since Parson is surprised by things popping into existence, we can assume it is a continuous world rather than a digital world like Erfworld.
  • Parson needs to learn the rules of magic. This implies that the various forms of magic in Erfworld do not exist in Parson's World, or if magic exists, that it is significantly different from what he is familiar with.
  • Parson had pizza stains on his T-shirt, implying the existence of fast food and free enterprise (also supported by his statement refering to his employment at Kinko's).
    • More importantly, this implies that people and things are not cleaned at the start of each day, as they are in Erfworld.
  • Parson was a Game Master of a Role Playing Game, and has shown experience with gaming with miniatures. This implies gaming as a leisure time activity. The existence of leisure time implies an automated society, or at least one that has gone through an industrial revolution,
    • Speculation of automated society is supported by the fact that Parson is seen driving a car, which have to be mass-produced in order for Parson to afford a one.
  • The Internet exists with many noticeable similarities to the real world - Parson writes a webcomic, and mentions Youtube in LIAB 45.

On the other hand, there appear to be at least minor differences:

  • Easter marshmallow Peeps do not become solidly crunchy by July in the Real World.
    • ...or at least, not the same year. This may not mark a difference per se, as much as mark that the lead times and single-minded focus Parson commits to his planning are more obsessive than even those around him realize.