Pamelor Ambien

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Pamelor disapproves.
Pamelor Ambien
Race: Men
Faction: Magic Kingdom (Great Minds that Think Alike)
Class: Caster (Master of Thinkamancy)
Level: 7

Proposed Canon

Powerful truth is like powerful wind. Let's blow our minds again and again.

First Appearance: LIAB Text 38

Pamelor is a Thinkamancer and one of the Great Minds.

She is uncertain of the Great Minds' involvement in the conspiracy revolving around Parson Gotti.[1]


Side of Origin: Hoffspace
Age: 2,900 turns

The seaside city of Hoffspace, although now conquered, remains legendary. Its naval power was as feared as its quality of life was envied. Its mysterious and eponymous ruler The Hoff preached morale as a central pillar of a successful side. Consequently, the days in the capital were filled with recreation and the nights with revelry.

Lady Pamelor was popped in the Capital, and took to life their life like a red-breasted duck to water. Her party pranks involving Thinkamancy made her an instant darling of the side. Her attractive Signamancy didn't hurt, either.

The fall of Hoffspace to the Pittwater Council left Pamelor down and out in the Magic Kingdom. She has bounced back, though, becoming the youngest Thinkamancer to join the Great Minds. With her free-form Thinkamancy style, she impressed her peers. Her attempts to loosen them up and apply The Hoff's ideas about recreation, though, have been met with skepticism.

Real World References

Her character design and name are a reference to Pamela Anderson.

Pamelor is a trade name of Nortriptyline, an antidepressant. Presumably, its effects on brain function are the link to Thinkamancy.


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