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An Overlord is the leader of a side in Erfworld. An Overlord with royal ancestry is called a King.

The Overlord has absolute power of his subjects. He literally can end them with a thought. All subjects are forced to serve his will due to natural thinkamancy. The Overlord decides what his cities produce, can promote units to warlords and designate heirs. The Overlord chooses the Chief Warlord.

Known Overlords and their heirs


  • Charlie (current Overlord)
  • heir: unknown, if any


Gobwin Knob




The heir of a side is usually the Chief warlord and vice-versa. From the three known heirs, Ansom, Stanley, Jillian, the former two were also Chief warlord. It also makes a lot of sense to combine the two positions: a chief warlord is the second most powerful unit of a side and has a lot of influence in military and diplomatic strategic and acts in many ways as replacement for the overlord. Also the chief warlord is by definition and natural thinkamancy the most loyal person and therefore less likely to plan regicide.
Deduced from the speculation above it is likely that Caesar Borgota is the heir of Transylvito.