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A overlord is the leader of a side in Erfworld. A overlord with royal descendant is a king.  
An Overlord is a [[Ruler]] that is not a [[Royal]].
The overlord has absolute power of his subjects. He literally can end them with a thought. All of subjects are forced to serve his will due to natural [[thinkamancy]]. The overlord decides what his cities produce, can promote units to warlords or their heirs. The overlord can chooses the chief warlord.
==Known overlords and heirs==
=Proposed Canon=
Known Overlords include:
*[[Stanley the Tool]] of [[Gobwin Knob]]
*[[Charlie]] of [[Charlescomm]]
*[[Overlord Firebaugh]] of [[Goodminton]] (http://www.erfworld.com/2011/10/inner-peace-through-superior-firepower-episode-001/)
*[[Wanda Firebaugh]], briefly Overlord of Goodminton.
*[[Judy Gale]] of [[Haffaton]]
*[[Dame]] [[Branch]] of [[Haffaton]]
*[[Lex Doothis]] of [[Haffaton]]
*[[Charlie]] (current overlord)
[[Sides]] run by Overlords rather than Royals can't [[pop]] [[Royalty and Nobility|Royal or Noble]] units.
*heir: unknown, if any
===[[Gobwin Knob]]===
[[Category:Erfworld Mechanics]]
*King [[Saline IV]] (predecessor, croaked)
[[Category:Proposed Canon]]
*[[Stanley the Tool]] (current overlord)
*heir: no heir named
*[[King Slatley]] (current king)
*heir: [[Prince Ansom]]
*[[Don King]] (current king)
*heir: unknown, probably [[Ceasar Borgota]]

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An Overlord is a Ruler that is not a Royal.

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Proposed Canon

Known Overlords include:


Sides run by Overlords rather than Royals can't pop Royal or Noble units.