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Prince Ossomer
Race: Decrypted, (Men)
Tribe: Jetstone
Faction: Gobwin Knob (Formerly Jetstone)
Class: Warlord, (formerly Chief Warlord)
Special: Leadership, Royal

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: First Intermission 40

Prince Ossomer is a Royal Warlord of Gobwin Knob and the former Chief Warlord of Jetstone. He is tall, with black hair, blue eyes, and thick eyebrows. He wears a breastplate and a cape, and carries a sabre.Erf-b2-p03-p6Same-site.PNG. Prince Ossomer was croaked by Scarlet and decrypted by Wanda during the Battle of the Expository Bridge. After his decryption his plate is black and seems to have no cape


Son of King Slately, Youngest brother of himself, Prince Ansom, and Prince Tramennis


According to his own (perhaps exaggerated) opinions of himself, Ossomer is similar to Dhrystone: It was built much as he himself was: tall, hard, chiseled, majestic, and quietly, implicitly violent.

Additionally, he seems to have a magic bracer on his left arm that generates some kind of telekinetic effect. The attack may also be related to a lightning style shockamancy attack, as the attack used the phrase "Tesla", a reference to the famous inventor Nikola Tesla who created the Tesla coil, an electric generator, and the "teleforce" charged particle beam projector.

Military Style

Ossomer's first campaign as Chief Warlord was against Haggar. When King Slately's diplomatic efforts to persuade King Dickie to join the Royal Crown Coalition failed, Ossomer was forced to respond to Haggar's invasion. Ossomer's response was an elaborate and ultimately successful strategic bluff. Despite the fact that Jetstone's forces had been severely depleted by their defeat at Gobwin Knob, Ossomer invaded Haggar and managed to panic King Dickie to the point where he agreed to join the RCC. This suggests that Ossomer is a far more subtle strategist than his appearance and straightforward manner might suggest. He favors the production of infantry over Heavy Units like Gumps.

Real World References

Ossomer's physical appearance is a visual reference to the DC Comics superhero Superman, who also featured a spitcurl, red cape, imposing height,square jawline, and a uniform that makes him look like he wears his underwear (in this case armored underwear) on the outside of his pants.

His name seems to be a slurring of the (non-)word "Awesomer". As in, "The new chief warlord is awesomer than the last one".

Preceded by:
Prince Ansom
Chief Warlord of Jetstone Succeeded by:
Prince Tramennis