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Orwell was Faq's Chief Lookamancer, known to be involved in hiding the three cities and land of the Faq Side.

Real World References

Orwell is probably a reference to [Orwell], a British author of the 1900's, known for stories such as 1984, where the protagonist, and many others in the story were constantly observed by cameras, and a state security apparatus known as Big Brother.

It is unlikely that Orwell is a reference to Orwell Engineering, which is a company that specializes in the production of precision machinery for the hot end of float glass production. There has not been mention of Eye Magic, but it is possible that Lookamancy provides the framework for this. If this is possible, then the Lookamancer Orwell may create spells to enhance vision, or Magic Items, such lenses or eyeglasses to allow for long-distance sight, much as the bats of Transylvito allow a unit to see occurrences in other hexes.