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Apparently a fairly weak unit, with limited combat capability.
==Known users==
[[Royal Crown Coalition]]
* [[Jetstone]]
==Real World References==
[[image:Orly_owl.jpg|The original "O RLY" owl.]]}}
The name originates from a famous [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ORLY Internet meme] of the same name which means "Oh, really?". Orlies' [[Onomatopia|exclaimations]] primarily feature similar phrases. On Page 114, Panel 2{{Erf|1|114}}, the Orlies hold a conversation in Leetspeak:<br>
"Seriously." (SRSLY)<br>
"Oh, really?" (ORLY)<br>
"Hahaha... what?" (LOLWUT)<br>
Known exclamations are:
*ORLY?{{erf|1|009}} -- Oh, really?
*YARLY!{{erf|1|010}} -- Yes, really.
*LOL{{erf|1|010}} -- I'm laughing out loud.
*OMGWTFBBQ!{{erf|1|012}} -- Oh my God! What the fuck? Barbecue!
*PWNED!{{erf|1|012}} -- Owned! (I win!) (Or, in context, I lost!)
*O HAI{{erf|1|094}} -- Oh, hi.
*SRSLY{{erf|1|114}} -- Seriously.
*LOLWUT?{{erf|1|114}} -- Hahaha... what?
*G2G DED!{{erf|1|114}} -- Got to go, because I'm dead.
[[Category:Flying Unit]]
[[Category:Proposed Canon]]
[[Category:Real World References]]
There is also a real bird with a similar name, the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oriole Oriole]However, has no other resemblance except the name.

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