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=Proposed Canon=
A [[non-humanoid]] [[flying unit]] - specifically a bird, with a vague resemblance to a [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snowy_Owl snow owl].
==First Appearance==
[[TBFGK 9]]

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Move: 44
Special: Flight

Proposed Canon

A non-humanoid flying unit - specifically a bird, with a vague resemblance to a snow owl.

First Appearance



Apparently a fairly weak unit, with limited combat capability.

Known users

Royal Crown Coalition

Real World References

The original "O RLY" owl.

The name originates from a famous Internet meme of the same name which means "Oh, really?". Orlies' exclaimations primarily feature similar phrases. On Page 114, Panel 2Erf-b1-p114Same-site.PNG, the Orlies hold a conversation in Leetspeak:
"Seriously." (SRSLY)
"Oh, really?" (ORLY)
"Hahaha... what?" (LOLWUT)

Known exclamations are:

There is also a real bird with a similar name, the Oriole. However, has no other resemblance except the name.