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Proposed Canon

First Appearance: IPTSF Text 50

The Olive Garden was a +2 farm and de facto dungeon inside the capital city of Efbaum and run by Olive Branch. The site was very green and pretty and it was not physically difficult for a prisoner to leave, but the fields of heroine buds Olive used to drug the prisoners and even the court of her own side with were a more effective deterrent than any wall.

The Garden was eventually destroyed by the High Elves at Charlie's behest. Jillian speculates that he did this so that he can be the only side with access to heroine buds, in order to gain bargaining power over Jillian.

Known Prisoners

Real-World References

The Olive Garden is named after a chain of italian restaurants.

The design is based on the poppy fields from the book known as The Wizard of Oz.