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Olive Branch
Race: Men
Faction: Haffaton
Class: Caster (Florist)
Level: 12

Proposed Canon

Strengths: Stopping Fights Before They Begin, Music, Treachery

Weaknesses: Not Knowing When to Stop, Impatience, Ability to Seal the Deal, Obsession with Life

First Appearance: IPTSF Text 8 (mentioned), IPTSF Text 12 (in person)

Olive Branch was a daughter of The Wizard of el-Efbaum, Charlie, and started life as a Florist in his service. She was described as having "long golden hair".IPTSF Text 12 Her Hippiemancy was integral to Charlie's efforts to preserve the side from a two front war with Easteros and Westeregg. Eventually, el-Efbaum and Haffaton formed an alliance. Pooling their casters, they were able to cast a Summon Perfect Warlord Spell to summon Judy Gale. The spell croaked the ruler of Easteros outright, and Judy Gale was able to croak Westeregg's ruler with Olive's help.

Olive was a thoroughly treacherous and sociopathic individual. While in service to el-Efbaum, she made at least 10 counts of fratricide, and also attempted to murder her father and his heir. She ultimately betrayed el-Efbaum to Haffaton, though Judy Gale chose to have mercy on Charlie, much to Olive's displeasure.

At the time Wanda of Goodminton was popped, Olive was the Chief Florist of Haffaton.IPTSF Text 9 Furthermore, Olive had turned the Ruler of Haffaton, Judy Gale, into a flower-addicted puppet and been keeping her prisoner in the Olive Garden. This has allowed Olive the freedom to manage the Side however she wishes, and the plausible deniability during parleys of only being the Chief Caster for her side, and not the real power.

Delphie Temple met Olive at least once in Magic Kingdom - supposedly to parley and discuss a proposal of peace and alliance from Haffaton.IPTSF Text 9 After Goodminton reclaimed the city of Goodfinger from Haffaton, Wanda found and wore raiment that - according to Delphie - originally belonged to Olive. Delphie claimed that there is some Signamancy and even Date-a-mancy between Olive and Wanda, and that their Fates are intertwined.IPTSF Text 9 This was tragically proven true, after Olive poisoned Tommy, destroyed the Goodminton side, and captured Wanda. Tina was able to force Wanda to turn and she spent many a miserable turn on the Haffaton side.

Olive Branch was very proud of her discipline and obsessed with the superiority of the Life element. Haffaton once had a large number of powerful casters that were responsible for a lot of the side's success. In spite of this, Olive Branch caused them all to die from the Heroine buds in order to "prove" the superiority of her own arts, eventually leaving no casters alive except for Wanda and herself.

Spurred on by a prophecy, a side named Faq began searching for a capital to conquer, in order to escape destruction at Haffaton's hands. Thanks to Jillian's recklessness, Haffaton took her prisoner, discovered Faq's existence, and conquered all of their cities. However, the court of Faq managed to escape and eventually came to threaten the Haffaton city of Efbaum.

Olive was Heir Designate to Judy Gale, Overlady of Haffaton. While she effectively ruled Haffaton, Duty prevented Olive from directly acting against Judy by directly overthrowing her. However, her Loyalty was so low that she was still perfectly willing to leave a unit likely to murder her nearby, namely Jillian, who was Predicted to kill the ruler of Haffaton. To keep her ruler better under her grip and possibly to increase the chance that Judy would be the ruler fated to croak, Olive took away the Arkenshoes her ruler owned, making it difficult for Judy to flee.

Wanda managed to use Findamancy to recover the shoes and return them to Judy. As Judy departed from Erfworld, Olive became the new ruler of Haffaton, which in turn made her the likely subject of Jillian's prediction. Realizing the danger she was in, Olive tried to flee. Fate protected her from being croaked outright, but it enabled her capture, so that she could be put on trial by the court of Faq.

Real World References

"Olive Branch" probably refers to a branch of the olive tree - a symbol of peace or victory from the times of Ancient Greece.

Preceded by:
Chief Caster of Haffaton Succeeded by:

Preceded by:
Judy Gale
Ruler of Haffaton Succeeded by:
None, incumbent