Olive Branch

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Olive Branch
Race: Men
Faction: Haffaton
Class: Caster (Florist)

Proposed Canon

Olive Branch was the Chief Florist of Haffaton at the time Wanda was popped. She is described as having "long golden hair".

Delphie Temple met Olive at least once in Magic Kingdom - supposedly to parley and discuss a proposal of peace and alliance from Haffaton.

After Goodminton reclaimed the city of Goodfinger from Haffaton, Wanda found and wore raiment that - according to Delphie - originally belonged to Olive. Delphie claims that there is some Signamancy and even Date-a-mancy between Olive and Wanda, and that their Fates are intertwined.


Could Delphie conspire with Olive to bring down Goodminton?

It is an interesting coincidence that names of Delphie Temple and Olive Branch are both references to Ancient Greece.

Real World References

"Olive Branch" probably refers to a branch of the olive tree - a symbol of peace or victory from the times of Ancient Greece.