Odie Ose

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Before Croakatoa.
Odie Ose
Race: Elf
Tribe: Juggle elves, formerly Superfluous elves
Faction: Ally of Gobwin Knob, formerly Royal Crown Coalition
Class: Warlord
After Croakatoa.

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: TBFGK 22 Book 1 "Rrm." Strengths: Pointy Ears, Represents a Surplus of Elves, Knows when to GTFO. Weaknesses: Nothing Novel to Contribute, Emo Haircut

Book 3 "Wait up! Wait! Hold on, I know this butt-tunnel! Stop! Shut up for a second!" Strengths: Navigating crowds, Filling Leadership gaps, Knowing when to speak up. Weaknesses: No combat or upkeep specials, Emo Haircut, Self-confidence

Odie Ose was commander of the Superfluous elves during the Battle for Gobwin Knob. He wore a t-shirt and had a dark, emo haircut, and was a member of the war council of the Royal Crown Coalition.Erf-b1-p49Same-site.PNG

He was Chief of all the elves at the Battle for Gobwin Knob. When he saw Ansom fall to Bogroll, his Superfluous special told him it was time to break alliance and leave the battle. He ordered the other elves present to do the same, but only his own Superfluous elves and the Woodsy and Shady elves followed him, and as such were the only survivors. Shortly afterwards, Odie and the rest joined the Juggle Elves.

Following the Siege of Spacerock, Odie was present for Stanley's offer of an alliance. Odie manged to rally the crowd and convinced them to consider Stanley's offer. Hvs.tCF 83


As a member of the Royal Crown Coalition War Council, he was one of only four warlords at Ansom's table on the penultimate night of the siege; Erf-b1-p101Same-site.PNG - the others being Duke Nozzle, Lady Sylvia Lazarus and Georgia Power. Notably, there was no representative of the Marbits. There never seem to be representatives of the other elves or Foxmud.

With Hvs.tCF page 83, it is revealed that Odie was representing ALL elves at those meetings.

When Duke Nozzle and Scarlet decried Ansom for waiting to assault Gobwin Knob, S.W. offered a superfluous "Rrm." He seemed to take a bit more of an interest in the battle towards the end - when Ansom was sending in suicide waves against Lord Hamster's Uncroaked units in the Gobwin Knob Courtyard, the Superfluous Warlord called out after Ansom, "I do not trust you! We should have waited until Charlie could attack!" Erf-b1-p128Same-site.PNG

Odie himself claims to be an average fighter, yet when he reappears in Book 3 he is very nimble being able to move through crowds easily and dodge the swing of dwagon's tail. He seems to have a self-confidence issue which fits with the attitude he shows in his first canon appearance. He thinks he's not needed even when he was put in charge of all elves in the Coalition and he regretted his decision to abandon the Battle for Gobwin Knob despite the fact that it probably saved the lives of his men.

His lack of self-confidence is further expanded upon his acceptance of not being consulted by the core Juggle Elves. He's perfectly satisfied with sitting on the sidelines like all other non-native Juggle elves despite his willingness to lead the common rank to support Stanley. This could be due to his loyalty to the elves and his shame at abandoning his fellows at Gobwin Knob.

From his internal monologue in his reappearance, it seems Odie may be suffering from PTSD and depression after he abandoned the battle.

Real World References

His name is a pun on "otiose," which means "serving no practical purpose"; in other words, superfluous. It is also a near-homophone to "adios" (Spanish for "goodbye"), as he abandoned the Battle for Gobwin Knob, as well as "odious", which fits with the common perception of Juggalos. Another possible reference is that the Insane Clown Posse's most recent producer is named Otis. Another interpretation is that his name is a pun on Ozzy Os(bourne). Indeed, he has a similar hairstyle to the artist.