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One of the three axis of magic (along with Erf and Fate used to break a major class of magic into its different disciplines.

Parson's mathamancy gauntlet is aligned with the Numbers axis.

Class\Axis Magical Axis
Hocus Pocus Mathamancy
Spookism Weirdomancy
Stuffamancy Dittomancy
Eyemancy Foolamancy
Hippiemancy Date-a-mancy
Naughtymancy Deletionism
Stagemancy Rhyme-o-mancy
Clevermancy Moneymancy


Not much is known about Numbers, except that:

Foolamancy may be used to 'veil' units, cities, etc.

Mathamancy may be used to calculate odds.

Moneymancy is involved in unit production for natural allies.

May have more to do with upkeep and 'passive' uses. Moneymancy to create units and so on, rather than actually be offensive. Foolamancy was used to shroud Stanley the Tool, and to hide the cities in Faq from prying eyes.