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Proposed Canon

On Erfworld, things which seem to have no practical function can perform a symbolic function. For example, Gobwin Knob has a "bank", which is simply an empty building. By occasionally stepping inside this "bank", Parson can "inspect" the "bank", which makes Gobwin Knob's economy more productive.

Since there is no pregnancy and there are no babies in Erfworld, heirs are popped, Nookie also seems to have no practical bearing on poppingWoT-4047518. However, it may serve an important symbolic function. According to Parson's discussion with Maggie, it would seem that the technical act and, erm, "Tools" involved are much the same.

Known Nookie Pairings


While Nookie serves no biological functions, it may be considered to serve social functions like with bonobos.

Possible Nookie Pairings