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Magic 101
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Article still missing many different types of natural magic.

Whereas in the Real World magic can roughly be defined as some non-natural means to alter the environment, people or things within it, Erfworld defines Magic a bit differently.

In Erfworld, pretty much *all* abilities to effect the environment, people, or things is thought of as some form of magic. Thus, any unit which is not a Caster but is able to do things to alter its environment without "casting spells" is using "natural magic."

In short, natural magic is the innate "magical" ability that some animals, people, etc, have to create effects related to that type of magic.

A real world stock broker then, would be using some sort of natural Moneymancy and so on.

There is debate, both in the fandom and within the canon itself, as to what types of "natural magic" exist, and what area of magic a certain thing falls under. For instance, Jack and Wanda have discussed the question of whether or not love is a form of natural magic. Jack believes that it is not.

What follows is a list of abilities, actions, or things which are considered to fairly canonically possess natural magic. After that, a list that is more speculative follows.

Proposed Canon

Whether Love is a form of natural magic was debated by Jack and Wanda. Per the Proposed Canon (above), Natural magic is defined as all/any abilities for one thing or person to affect the environment, people, or things. Wanda has asserted that she sees Love as a form of Natural Magic ergo she views Love as a Magic which eminates from one being and affects another beings feelings of Love for a subject. Jack has asserted that Love is not Magic ergo he views Love as a force that eminates within a being and affects how that being feels independent of Magic from the subject of that Love or another third party.

It is easy to see why Wanda would make this statement from her past actions. She has used a combination of physical appearance (Foolamancy) and a Suggestion Spell (Thinkamancy) to make herself perceived to be something other than she *is* to affect the feelings another, Zamussels, and then heighten those feelings. When this fails, she treated its subject as someone who had jilted her Love as opposed to overcome her spell. Wanda appears to hold greater care for her personal desire of how others *should feel* above the other being actually do feel. Hence she confuses her attachment to her desires with actual Love of another being.

Both from Erfworld and Earth, it is easy to see examples where Love eminates entirely from within a being without the subject that Love is for or any other being having any awareness the Love exists. Hence it is probable that Jack, the foolamancer who experiences keenly the difference between *desire for foolamancy* (which makes the subject feel good) and *Love of what is* (which is care for something other than ourselves), has a clearer vision than Wanda on this subject.