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Proposed Canon

Natural allies (or non-capital sides) are sides in Erfworld that have no capital, no cities and no royals.Erf-b1-p079aSame-site.PNG They do, however, have their own treasuries and can form long semi-permanent alliances, or they can sustain themselves via mining, farming, hunting, and such. Rather than using cities, they can pop more units for their side via Moneymancy WoT-6051503.

Known natural allies sides:


Since natural allies can break alliance (such as between Jitterati and Faq or the gobwins betrayal of King Saline IV), there must be additional benefits to having natural allies (as opposed to using ones own units). Otherwise, their less-than-perfect reliability becomes a major liability. Such benefits might include:

  • Access to natural moneymancy. Since natural allies pop via moneymancy instead of requiring a city's production, a side can convert smuckers directly into units without a Moneymancer. Stanley did this when he repopulated the hobgobwins from a single member of KISS. This is useful both for sides that need units NOW and for those seeking to spend excess smuckers.
  • Access to special unit abilities. Since it is known that not all cities can pop all unit types (and it is utterly unknown how those units are determined or how they can be changed), natural allies may be the only way for certain sides to have access to units with particular abilities such as tunnel-fighting (Gobwins and marbits for Gobwin Knob and Jetstone respectively), mountain-capability (Western Giants for Jitterati/Faq), or various flavors of natural casting abilities (Presumably witches and some forms of elf.)
  • Improved stats. It is possible that most natural allies are innately superior fighters than men at similar costs.
  • Reduced Upkeep. It is unclear if a capital side is required to pay the upkeep for their natural allies units, or perhaps if natural allies have reduced upkeep costs.

Racial Hatred

Some allies do not ally with a side at the same time as other allies; though it is unspecified if this means that they are unwilling to do so, or if they incapable of doing so.

For instance; Elves and Marbits will not ally with a side that has Gobwin, Hobgobwin, Witch, or Daemon allies.