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Proposed Canon

Move is a Unit statistic. For each point of Move, the Unit may enter an additional hex per Turn. For more details, see Movement.

Known Moves & Comparisons

56+ - Dwagons of a certain level and/or typeErf-b1-p046aSame-site.PNG

<56 - Dwagons (unclear if this is their total move or they had spent some)

52 - Jillian Zamussel's best Gwiffon

44 - Orlies

24+ - Charlie's Archons, some Gwiffons - likely significantly more, as they had already moved some hexes on a scouting mission.

22 - Vinnie's Doombats

8 - Jack Snipe

0 - Garrison units, like Bogroll, have a Move of 0 and therefore cannot leave their home city's hex.


Seige engines and other slow units would take "five or more" turns to reach Gobwin KnobErf-b1-p021aSame-site.PNG as of Gobwin Knob's Turn 3. The distance from Gobwin Knob seems to be around 26 hexes. If it were a similar distance to Gobwin Knob from the Coalition's starting point, that would put their movement in the 4-6 range, which seems about right when compared to Jack Snipe's move.