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Proposed Canon

Move is a Unit statistic. For each point of Move, the Unit may enter an additional hex per Turn. For more details, see Movement.

Known Moves & Comparisons

56+ - Dwagons of a certain level and/or type

<56 - Dwagons (unclear if this is their total move or they had spent some)

52 - Jillian Zamussel's best Gwiffon

44 - Orlies

24+ - Charlie's Archons, some Gwiffons - likely significantly more, as they had already moved some hexes on a scouting mission.

22 - Vinnie's Doombats

0 - Garrison units, like Bogroll, have a Move of 0 and therefore cannot leave their home city's hex.


Seige engines and other slow units would take "five or more" turns to reach Gobwin Knob. The distance from Gobwin Knob seems to be around 26 hexes. If it were a similar distance to Gobwin Knob from the Coalition's starting point, that would put their movement in the 4-6 range. If the distance were closer to 50, it would put their Move at about 10.