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Proposed Canon

TBFGK 25.jpg

A non-humanoid unit that can be ridden by a non-Heavy humanoid unit for increased mobility and apparently combat bonus or protection. While mounted, a unit expends its mount's move rather than its own while crossing hexes. Many mounts are also able combatants in their own right and some are flying units.

The unit and their mount still count as separate units for damage purposes. A unit can be knocked off their mount by a strong (or lucky) enough attack, or have it destroyed from under them.

Most mounts cannot speak, but understand basic commands. They can be named by their Ruler or Barbarian Warlord or Chief, and possibly by any unit assigned to them, and they will respond to that name.

Mount Relay

As a mounted unit does not use its own move to cross hexes, it is possible to create a relay of mounts that allows a unit to travel great distances in a single turn. The unit would mount up, ride to the next mount in the relay, then mount that unit and ride on.

Known Units

Known mounts include: