Minnow Tower

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Minnow Tower was the Tower of Garrison in the capital city of Goodminton around the time when Wanda popped.

It is described as being "a somewhat taller gray rectangle than those that comprised the rest of the Garrison." Tower's top was manned with archers and ballistas for air defense, but poorly protected with air defense spells. Wanda used a Dirtamancy scroll purchased in the Magic Kingdom to upgrade the Tower before a battle with Goodminton's former ally Frenemy

The Tower hosts the war room, as well as Overlord Firebaugh's quarters, private office, and public reception on the floor above it.


According to Delphie Temple the Tower offers very insignificant bonus for spell casting.

Delphie's claim may only be an excuse for choosing the Dungeon as her quarters and refusing to protect the Garrison with air defense spells.

Real World References

The name is a pun on "minotaur".

Minnow is a general term used to refer to small fish, especially those used as bait fish. This may be a reference to relative sizes of Goodminton and Haffaton.