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Proposed Canon

"Men" in Erfworld resemble Real World humans, except for their smaller size (when compared to the only known non-native human, Parson Gotti, they appear 3/4 of his height), have larger than normal heads for adult Real World humans, have unique eyes, and the ways in which Erfworld Mechanics create difference between Erfworld situations and corresponding Real World ones. Men qualify as humanoids: "humanoid" is derived from "human" after all.


Men in Erfworld have differences in their eyes. Variations in the pupil, iris, and sclera (the "white" of the eye) differentiate humans: these eye differences may indicate the Unit's Tribe, but there are too few examples to compare to be certain. The only known Units of the same tribe -- Stanley and Sizemore of the Plaid Tribe -- with close ups of their eyes are very similar, while very few others have eyes identical to others. Wanda and Jillian have similar eyes -- sclera, iris, no pupil -- but are from different, but potentially related, Tribes, though Wanda's irises are of a very rare light blue coloration, while Jillian's are more commonly blue. Only the non-native Parson Gotti has completely normal eyes: every Erfworlder human has something missing or wrong.

The name "Men" is generic; they appear in both sexes, despite the fact that new units in Erfworld are created by cities and appear as newly-minted adults.

Most named characters in the Battle for Gobwin Knob belong to the race of Men.