Mathamancy Bracer

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Proposed Canon

The Mathamancy Bracer is a Magic Item. It is worn on the forearm, covering the upper part from elbow to wrist. Two straps hold it to the arm. The upper portion is similar to hard plastic and includes a spot where Parson's calculator watch can snap in.Erf-b1-p054Same-site.PNG The watch is vital to its function: without the watch, the bracer does nothing.

The bracer instantly and effortlessly does raw calculations necessary to analyze probabilities and predict outcomes of battles - that is, Mathamancy.Erf-b1-p054Same-site.PNG


Sizemore Rockwell hypothesizes that it may be an ArtifactErf-b1-p054Same-site.PNG. A broad estimate of the value is around 500000 Shmuckers to the right buyer (a Side reliant on Mathamancy), the very value of the Summoning Spell including the casting and support package. Given that the Spell that created the Bracer was created by the residents of the Magic Kingdom, whether the Bracer qualifies by the strict letter of the definition of Artifact depends on the inner workings of the spell itself, something which we have not yet been made privy.

The effects of the bracer, when combined with Parson's calculator watch, effectively turns its user into a Mathamancer.

Predictions about future

The Mathamancy Bracer also seems to be able to make sophisticated predictions about futureErf-b1.5-p039Same-site.PNG, so the Bracer may have Predictamancy abilities as well. (Or it is just really, Really powerful Mathamancy.)

This is less predictamancy (foretelling a specific future event) and more extremely advanced mathamancy in the vein of oddsmaking/handicapping, though it certainly manages to calculate influences seemingly out of the mortal purview.

This definetly pushes the Bracer into Artifact category. It is essentially a Do-It-Yourself-instant-Mathamancer/Predictamancer. I don't think mere mortals have the power to do something like that. (At least as cost-effectively.)