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[[Image:Predictamancer.jpg‎|right|frame|Marie is shown here [[Predictamancy|predictamancing]].{{erf|1|147}}]]
[[Image:Predictamancer.jpg‎|right|frame|Marie is shown here [[Predictamancy|Predicting]].{{erf|1|147}}]]
=Proposed Canon=
=Proposed Canon=
''"You don't fight [[Fate]], you help it!"''
''"You don't fight [[Fate]], you help it!"''

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Marie is shown here Predicting.Erf-b1-p147Same-site.PNG

Proposed Canon

"You don't fight Fate, you help it!"

Strengths: Predicting Major Events, Long Term Planning

Weaknesses: Public Opinion

First Appearance: TBFGK 147 (in flashback) LIAB Text 37 (speaking)

Marie was a Predictamancer in service to Faq. Her responsibility to the Kingdom of Faq was to predict which of Faq's three cities was going to be observed by non-Faq units, and tell Jack Snipe so he could veil the city before it was seen. After her side fell, she went to the Magic Kingdom where she began working with Janis to mastermind the creation of the Perfect Warlord spell. Janis believes that Marie shares her desire to permanently end war on Erfworld, but Marie's true objectives have yet to be revealed.

Successful predictions



Janis is involved in a conspiracy with Marie Lavraie, the former Predictamancer of Faq. Janis believes that Marie helped to create the Summon Perfect Warlord Spell that brought Parson to Erfworld as part of a plan to end war on Erfworld. However, Janis questions Marie's judgment in giving the spell to Wanda, who seems to Janis to be the very antithesis of everything she believes and stands for. Because of her very close relationship with Marie, Janis was able to persuade the other casters involved in Wanda's trial to allow her to preserve Marie's body after Marie was croaked in the Battle of Portal Park. Janis hopes Wanda will eventually be in a position to decrypt Marie.

Real World References

Her name may be a reference to Marie Laveau, an 18th century voudoun priestess from New Orleans.

Her last name of Lavraie is french for "the true one".

Her hat is a Phrygian Cap, a symbol of liberty in Roman times.