Marie Lavraie

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Marie is shown here predictamancing.Erf-b1-p147Same-site.PNG

Proposed Canon

Strengths: Predicting Major Events, Long Term Planning

Weaknesses: Public Opinion

First Appearance: TBFGK 147

Marie was a Predictamancer in service to Faq. After her side fell, she went to the Magic Kingdom where she began working with Janis to mastermind the creation of the Perfect Warlord spell in a bid to war against war itself.

Sucessful predictions


Possible fates

  • She may have died in Stanley's attack. (disproved LIAB Text 37)
  • She was in the Magic Kingdom when Faq fell, and remains there to this Turn. If this is the case, she may have been involved in the creation of the Perfect Warlord spell which summoned Parson. (confirmed LIAB Text 37)
  • She is likely the Predictamancer that Janis went to contact in LIAB Text 31 (confirmed LIAB Text 37)
  • (Wild Speculation) Wanda is skilled in several magical disciplines and may have been acting as the Predictamancer herself. If this is the case then she is acting to fulfill her own prophecies. It would also explain why she is such a strong believer in fate. (disproved LIAB Text 37, though apparently Wanda was closely involved)
  • (Wilder Speculation) The Predictamancer is, in fact, Charlie. (disproved LIAB Text 37)



Rather then keep calling her "the predictamancer of Faq" we might want to give her a name. Some possibilities:

  • The Prophetess
  • Cassandra (reference to a character in Greek tragedy who foretold doom, also a reference to a Red Dwarf episode/character, who predicted things perfectly including her own destruction)
  • Debbie (Shortened form of Deborah, one of the few female prophets in Judeo-Christian belief.)