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A marbit axman does battle with a spidew.Erf-b1-p001Same-site.PNG

Proposed Canon

Marbit is a humanoid unit.

They appear as small, pink-colored creatures. Marbits appear to be able miners.Erf-b1-p025Same-site.PNG Apparently they receive a bonus when fighting in Tunnels (similar to Gobwins).

Marbits are united in a non-capital side and apparently are Natural Allies to Jetstone.


Marbits, as a non-capital side, must earn money to pop new units and pay upkeep. They most likely accomplish this via mercenary work/alliance-based salary, and mining, to which they probably receive a significant bonus. They may be able to be used as engineers, digging tunnels and the like, in addition to having tunnel-fighting skill. These advantages likely balance out their small stature and likely low overall stats.

Real world Reference

"Marbits" from Parson's world are an abbreviation for "marshmallow bits" that are a component of breakfast cereal Lucky Charms.Erf-b1-p015Same-site.PNG When Wanda is summoning Parson, Stanley asks for someone who (among other things) snacks on gwiffons and eat Marbits for breakfast.Erf-b1-p017Same-site.PNG Apparently Stanley gets what he asked for.

Appearance aside, marbits seem to be an abstract of the classic dwarf; able miners, living underground, and at odds with the goblins they encounter there.