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  |race= [[Men]], [[Uncroaked]]
  |race= [[Men]], [[Uncroaked]]
|faction= [[Gobwin Knob]]
  |class= [[Warlord]]
  |class= [[Warlord]]

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Manpower the Temporary
Race: Men, Uncroaked
Faction: Gobwin Knob
Class: Warlord
Special: Leadership


Proposed Canon

Manpower the Temporary was Chief Warlord in the service of Stanley the Tool. After falling in battle, he became one of Stanley's uncroaked warlords.



Lord Manpower the Temporary was leading Stanley's troops at the Battle of Warchalking. When the right flank of his battle line was breached, enemy archers were able to approach and fatally shoot him.

However, Wanda Firebaugh was sent by Stanley to uncroak Manpower. He thus remained in Stanley's service as one of his uncroaked warlords.

Later, he, along with Sir Leeroy Jenkins, and Phat-Singh, are sent with a large force of Dwagons to raid the coalition column; after destroying half of the coalition's siege units, Manpower was permanently destroyed by Prince Ansom using the Arkenpliers.