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This is a Tool. Use it as the Titans would.
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Improvement Drive

The article in desperate need of improvement is Relationships

The current improvement drive is on Characters. There are tons of characters and tons to say about them and how they interact. As usual, add as much info as you can, and as many links as possible. For the featured article, we're gonna do general work on Relationships instead of any one specific article.

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Did you know...

  • Xin Ye is the artist that replaced Jamie Noguchi for the second book?
  • David Hahn is the artist that replaced Xin Ye for the third book?
  • Wanda learned Turnamancy from Tina?
  • Link-ups are safe for two, risky for three, and four or more are barely possible?
  • You can help by writing new articles, improving existing ones, or just doing maintenance?