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Long range shot of Magic Kingdom from Page 11.

Proposed Canon

The Magic Kingdom is a location in Erfworld. It appears to be an island of round shape divided into 8 sectors and with a round Portal zone in the center of it.Erf-b1-p011Same-site.PNG


The number of sectors (eight) corresponds to eight major classes of Magic:

  • green (supposedly devoted to Hippiemancy)
  • blue
  • yellow
  • purple
  • gray (possibly devoted to Spookism)
  • teal
  • red
  • orange

Portal Park

Portal ParkErf-b1-p011Same-site.PNG is located in the center of the Magic Kingdom and has multiple portals that seem to lead to other, unspecified, locations. One of the portals is known to lead to the portal room in Gobwin Knob.Erf-b1-p013Same-site.PNGErf-b1-p140Same-site.PNG

Queen Bea of Unaroyal also sent all of her casters through a portal in her capital city prior to committing suicide and ending her side by stepping through the portal herself. It is likely there is a portal connection to portal park in most capital cities, or at least the capitals of larger sides.


A Caster that is in the Magic Kingdom when their Capital City falls reverts to barbarism.Erf-b1-p102Same-site.PNG This would explain the permanent residents: they are Casters who became Barbarians, and have never selected another Side, instead selling Scrolls for their livelihood.



Entry to The Magic Kingdom seems to be reserved for Casters only. It is implied that non-Caster units will either disband or croak if they attempt to use a Portal to the islandErf-b1-p134Same-site.PNG. Queen Bea of Unaroyal committed suicide by entering a Portal, for instance. However, Parson did not croak when he entered the Magic KingdomErf-b1-p140Same-site.PNG, implying that he is either a Caster or immune to disbanding. His stats contained an entry describing him as 'special', which might include either being a Caster or being immune to disbanding. His physical ability to enter aside, he is socially prohibitted from entering because he is a warlord.

Some occupants of The Magic Kingdom seem to be permanent (like Janis)Erf-b1-p011Same-site.PNG, while others come and go (like Sizemore Rockwell).

The Magic Kingdom seems to be reserved for casters only, without regard for caster discipline. It might also be a political neutral zone, as warlords are not permitted.

Fanon History

In the distant past, before there was a Magic Kingdom, war still raged much as it does today. Kingdoms rose and fell, their kings, queens, and overlords slain. When such a thing happened, all units outside the city would be disbanded, and those inside would wait helplessly for their capture or doom. Yet, sometimes an heir survived to live as a barbarian, perhaps to even one day rebuild their destroyed nation.

But strangely, one other type of unit managed to survive summary disbanding or neutrality - the casters. Most of them roamed the world as barbarians, unable to rejoin their defeated nation or be supported by the now poor or schmuckerless heir designates who struggled to even make upkeep for themselves. Some faded away or were captured, but many found enough work to survive on their own.

Then one day, a plan was hatched among two master-class caster barbarians, both of them friends by loneliness or necessity. They would make a haven for themselves, where they need not struggle for upkeep or wander the world endlessly. The Thinkamancer of the group linked with his friend, a Findamancer. Together, they found a Moneymancer and with him created the first portal to the Magic Kingdom, though then it was simply their haven.

It was a small island then, but rich in greenery and made to their tastes. Soon though, they realized the potential that their small haven offered. Linking again with his then paramour, the Thinkamancer found two others to help him. Together, the triad of Thinkamancers conducted the most powerful natural Thinkagram ever composed in the history of Erfworld - sending an open invitation to all wandering casters to join them and help build a nation of casters - a Magic Kingdom.

From all over Erfworld they came, the nationless and sometimes destitute, all to help in the creation of this grand project, this greatest of ideas. And thus was the Magic Kingdom built. It thrived for many turns, growing larger and more distinct as new casters came to assist. Soon, it was a small continent, split into into eight distinct areas that the broad disciplines could mingle and study in, with the single original portal in the very center by which more entered. Then, disaster struck.

A great Ruler saw this this Magic Kingdom and and thought not of how easy it would be to find a caster to hire, but of the vast quantities he could capture and turn to his service - or croak to prevent others from doing the same. He struck with the full might of his forces, and even though the Predictamancers and Lookamancers gave warning, many were lost or sacrificed themselves in repelling the attack. At great cost, the Overlord was finally defeated, and the the Magic Kingdom decimated. But all were in agreement - this could not happen again.

Thus there was a grand assembly of casters, to decide what must be done. It was soon decided that the the Magic Kingdom must be forever barred to all but casters. Through their combined efforts, the entrance portal was twisted and changed, forbidding entrance to all but casters - the ultimatum being that to enter would be to face immediate disbanding. With this new perfect security in place, the chance to offer the construction of new portals in cities (for a price) arose. Soon the center of the continent was allocated for these new portals, and the area called Portal Park. Peace drifted back into place, and the Magic Kingdom was a haven again.

The casters never forgot the assault, however, and the threat of non-casters in their Kingdom.

Real World References

"The Magic Kingdom" is the name of a theme park at Walt Disney World.