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* blue (possibly devoted to [[Stagemancy]])
* blue (possibly devoted to [[Stagemancy]])
**(possibly the location of the [[Carnyvale]])
**(possibly the location of the [[Carnyvale]])
* yellow (possibly devoted to [[Clevermancy]])
* yellow (devoted to [[Stuffamancy]] {{ref| [[Hvs.tCF 156]]}})  
* purple (devoted to [[Eyemancy]]{{ref|[[LIAB Epilogue 04:1]]}}) (supporting evidence is that the [[Great Minds that Think Alike]] are shown walking past a purple tree on their way to [[Portal Park]].)
* purple (devoted to [[Eyemancy]]{{ref|[[LIAB Epilogue 04:1]]}}) (supporting evidence is that the [[Great Minds that Think Alike]] are shown walking past a purple tree on their way to [[Portal Park]].)
**[[Temple of the Thinkamancers]]
**[[Temple of the Thinkamancers]]
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* teal (possibly devoted to [[Hocus Pocus]])
* teal (possibly devoted to [[Hocus Pocus]])
* red (possibly devoted to [[Naughtymancy]])
* red (possibly devoted to [[Naughtymancy]])
* brown (possibly devoted to [[Stuffamancy]])
* brown (possibly devoted to [[Clevermancy]]))
**(possibly the location of the [[Dirtamansion]])
**(possibly the location of the [[Dirtamansion]])

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Long range shot of Magic Kingdom.TBFGK 11

Proposed Canon

The Magic Kingdom is a hex which is in, just outside of, or sideways from Erfworld. It is much larger than the standard hexes of Erfworld, the hex boundaries extending far out to the sea. It appears to be an island of round shape divided into 8 sectors with a round Portal zone in the center of it.TBFGK 11 Interestingly, the color of each segment continues out into the surrounding water. The effect is much like that of colored lights being projected out over land and sea. The sky in the Magic Kingdom is different from that of the rest of Erfworld, consisting of a creamy white during the day and a swirling abyss of black and red at night.

The Magic Kingdom is not a side, and does not have city sites which can be built up through moneymancy. It is the domain of barbarian casters of all types, who, until recently, could interact with their counterparts from all around Erfworld in a community removed from the constant war and politics of the many warring sides. Casters from enemy sides rubbed shoulders with Barbarian casters, many of whom were permanent residents of the Magic Kingdom. The recent revelation that both Gobwin Knob and Charlescomm have the capacity to send troops to the Magic Kingdom threatens to undermine the Kingdom's ability to maintain its neutrality.

It first became clear that the Kingdom was entering a new stage of history when it was discovered that Parson had an apparently unique ability to enter the Magic Kingdom, even though he has not yet shown himself to be a caster. Parson discovered it was possible to bring the dead bodies of warlords and troops through a portal, and then have Wanda decrypt them, thus creating the first Garrison units in the Magic Kingdom. This military force soon become involved in a battle with Charlescomm Archons, when Charlie's forces entered the Kingdom through Charlescomm's portal, thus demonstrating that the portal had been altered in some way, possibly through Carnymancy.

Economy of the Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom has been used for a great many turns by casters to teach one another, socialize, philosophize, and sell services to sides in exchange for Shmuckers. Dirtamancers are well-respected in the Magic Kingdom because they can help farm and build structures. More combat-oriented disciplines like Shockamancy and Carnymancy have lower social status. Non-barbarian casters in the Magic Kingdom feel an instinctive pull towards their home portal.

There are (at least) three ways for a side to hire a caster through the Magic Kingdom:

  • Send one of your side's casters through your capital portal to solicit a caster in person. This is the cheapest and most secure option.
  • Use a Thinkamancer to contact the Great Minds in the Magic Kingdom, who will forward the request for a fee or percentage (Charlie offers this service, and any ruler and chief warlord can contact Charlie by thinking about it).
  • Use a sending hat Magic Item to pay a barbarian Hat Magician to hire the caster for you. This is less reliable than the Thinkamancer option, but preferable for paranoid sides that don't want to go through Charlescomm.

Trade in the Kingdom is done with Rands, a barter credit that prevents Moneymancers from controlling the market and further removes life in the Kingdom from that in the rest of Erfworld. Some types of caster, such as Thinkamancers, Hat magicians, Florists, Dirtamancers, and Dittomancers, have abilities which are much more in demand than others. All too commonly, casters find themselves unable to pay their upkeep. When this happens, they go to a place called the Short Pier to take the Long Walk, watching the sun set before they disband. If they are lucky, another caster might offer them an extra Rand. Almost every day, one or more casters meets their ultimate Fate in this spot. This is most likely to happen to casters who have talents which are not in demand and who do not receive financial support from more wealthy casters. Carnymancers, Croakamancers, Luckamancers, Predictamancers, Mathamancers, and Findamancers are usually poor. Date-a-mancers would also be poor if they weren't supported by Florists and to a lesser extent by Signamancers. Hvs.tCF 79


The number of sectors (eight) corresponds to eight major classes of Magic:

The association of separate colours to various classes is not absolutely known, but there is adequate support for flora and fauna coloured in ways differently than in the Real World. IPTSF_Text_21 refers to magenta coloured trees, teal teardrops in the trees, and ones which are brown and peeping on the ground. Since the flora and fauna are not guaranteed to be the same as Real World, it isn't obvious whether the brown or teal things are animals and/or plants.

Portal Park

LIAB 57.jpg

Portal Park is located in the center of the Magic Kingdom and has multiple portals that seem to lead to other, unspecified, locations. One of the portals is known to lead to the portal room in Gobwin Knob.TBFGK 13 There is a portal connection to portal park in all capital cities.

Portals are the only means of entry into the kingdom, and were until recently thought to only open to Casters. A non-Caster that attempts to enter the kingdom via a portal immediately disbands,TBFGK 134 as Queen Bea did, ending her side and causing her field units to disband. However, units in the Magic Kingdom become Barbarians if their side ends.

However, this rule has since been broken twice. The first violation was made by Parson Gotti: by smuggling in dead bodies and decrypting them, he was able to work around the portal disbandment. It also appears that the portal to the city of Charlescomm works differently from other portals, as it has let debris from an explosion, bullets, and two non-caster units (a toy soldier and Archon Lilith) pass into the Magic Kingdom. The reason for this is currently unknown, but it is presumed that Charlie somehow modified his portal via Carnymancy.

The Temple of the Thinkamancers

The Temple of the Thinkamancers is the headquarters of the leaders of the Thinkamancers, who are known as the Great Minds that Think Alike. The GMTTA study the secret powers of Thinkamancy and can pull and manipulate the G-Strings which link every unit in Erfworld. A group of Decrypted Gobwin Knob warlords and troops was garrisoned near the Temple, until they were croak or captured in the Battle of Portal Park. They were the first non casters known to have lived in the Magic Kingdom.


All the permanent residents of the Magic Kingdom are Barbarians. They were either in the Kingdom or otherwise safe from disbanding when their capital fell,Erf-b1-p102Same-site.PNG or they popped as barbarians. Thinkamancer Tisha is an example of a Caster who popped spontaneously.

These resident barbarians survive by working for various sides by contract (as mercenaries, or selling spells as a service), selling scrolls for Shmuckers, or live in the kingdom selling services for Rands and trading those for rations and upkeep. Sizemore has mentioned that he has worked in gardens in the Magic Kingdom, so it's likely they also grow at least some of their own food.


The Magic Kingdom has its own laws, many of which are meant to maintain its neutrality in Erfworld's endless wars. If a caster breaks one of these laws, they are judged by an enforcement council. These laws include:

  • It is illegal to go through another side's portal without permission.
  • It is illegal to build a fortification in the portal park.
  • It is illegal to attack another caster.
  • It is illegal to create a fire. Changemancy/Foolamancy magic items are available instead.
  • It is against convention to fly.


Conspiracies within the Magic Kingdom

At least some of the different types of magical practitioners in the Magic Kingdom seem to be organized into organizations which have their own secrets and agendas. The three groups which seem to have somewhat different agendas directly involving Parson are the Thinkamancers, the Carnymancers, and the Predictamancers. Janis is a Grand Abbie and thus one of the leaders of the Hippiemancer's commune. She was actively involved in the conspiracy to create the Perfect warlord spell, but it's not clear that the other hippiemancers were aware of her participation in this conspiracy.


Parson did not disband when he entered the Magic KingdomErf-b1-p140Same-site.PNG, implying that he is either a Caster or immune to the portal's disbanding effect. His stats contained an entry describing him as 'special', which might include either being a Caster or being immune to disbanding. Janis claimed that he was some kind of Hippiemancer, and Parson later mused that he might be a Signamancer. His physical ability to enter aside, he is socially prohibited from entering because he is a warlord. At the end of Book 2, Parson entered the Magic Kingdom again in an attempt to move between Gobwin Knob and Jetstone off-turn, violating the social laws of the Magic Kingdom. A group of Carnymancers tried to rouse an army of casters to kill him, but were stopped by the Great Minds.

Real World References

"The Magic Kingdom" is the name of a theme park at Walt Disney World.

The Magic Kingdom has several allusions to South Africa:

  • Both use the Rand as currency.
  • Rainbow Nation is a metaphor for South Africa; the Magic Kingdom's appearance is similar to a rainbow.

The ground at the bottom of the Magic Kingdom is what is described as extremely hard bedrock. This may be a reference to Minecraft, where the bottom of the world is unminable bedrock, and the theoretical space below is nothing but the bottomless void.