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Proposed Canon

Magic Item is an item that is both magical and made by a mortal. An item with magical powers created by the Titans is called an Artifact.Erf-b1-p035Same-site.PNG


Known Magic Items


Stanley the Tool and his main subordinates (Wanda Firebaugh, Sizemore Rockwell, and Parson Gotti) carry eyebooks. They resemble ordinary hardback books, of variable size (see below). They were created by Stanley's trio of linked casters, using the three disciplines of Eyemancy (Lookamancy, Thinkamancy, and Foolamancy). Once created, they function under their own power, and continued to do so after the trio was unlinked.

An eyebook is able to transcribe messages from the user's thoughts and send them to another user's Eyebook. Parson also uses his to keep a journal (called a "Klog", derived from "book log", in the same way that a real-world term "blog" is derived from "web log"). Eyebooks also have the ability to change size, conveniently shrinking to be easily carried and growing to a size suitable for Parson.

The name is a pun on the iBook type of laptop computer.

Flying Carpet

Prince Ansom has a flying carpet. It resembles a conventional carpet, either rolled up (which is Ansom's usual style of riding) or spread out. The type of magic it uses has not been specified.

The carpet is able to carry at least two riders.

Message Hats

Ansom has a pair of message hats. They resemble fancy-dress top hats. Presumably, they use Hat Magic, but this has not been specified.

A written message may be placed into the sending hat and transmitted to the receiving hat (which rumbles to alert the owner). These particular hats only work in one direction; however, other hats capable of two-way communication may exist. (Upon being given the sending hat of the pair, Jillian Zamussels asked if it was "dual use" and was told that it was "abjuration only". This appears to imply that the former term describes a two-way hat and the latter describes a one-way sending hat.)

3D Goggles

Parson's 3D Glasses were discovered in his first Stupid Meal. They confer on him one of the abilities normally associated with Warlords native to Erfworld. When worn, the glasses allow Parson to view the stats of a Unit such as Move, Hit, Attack, and Defense, as well as any Natural Abilities of the Unit, which is an innate ability of all Warlords and Casters native to Erfworld.Erf-b1-p04oaSame-site.PNG. They also allow Parson to see the name of a Unit, which is not an innate ability of Warlords and Casters.

Mathamancy Bracer

A plastic bracer that arrived in Parson's second Stupid Meal. With a neat little groove for his calculator watch to fit into. Apparently a powerful Mathamancy based item (or possibly an ArtifactErf-b1-p054Same-site.PNG) of great interest to Mathamancy dependant factions like CharlesCommErf-b1-p103Same-site.PNGErf-b1-p105Same-site.PNG.

The Sword of Lord Hamster

Parson's Sword arrived in his Stupid Meals - one part per day for three consecutive days. According to the Luckamancy Charms cereal boxErf-b1-p106Same-site.PNG, the sword is the final item necessary to turn Parson into the "Perfect Warlord" that the summoning spell intended him to be. (The other items being his 3D Glasses and Mathamancy Bracer). Stated abilities include Leadership, Combat and Ruthlessness.