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There are some indications that Maggie may have some romantic feelings toward Parson as well.
There are some indications that Maggie may have some romantic feelings toward Parson as well.
Maggie's [[Ashen skin]] may be due to [[Signamancy]] or natural albinism.
==Real World References==
==Real World References==

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Race: Men
Faction: Gobwin Knob
Class: Caster (Thinkamancer)
Rank and Titles: Adept


Proposed Canon

"May I give you a suggestion, Lord?"

Strengths: Thinkamancy, Poker Face, Caster Links, Design, Psychology, Alliance with other Thinkamancers

Weaknesses: Emotions, Mercy, Respect for Others, Secret Loyalty

First Appearance: TBFGK 24

Maggie is an Adept-class Thinkamancer, supposedly in the service of Stanley the Tool. However, she is a member of the Thinkamancer's conspiracy, and her real loyalty seems to be to the Great Minds that Think Alike. She used her magical powers against Stanley in order to compel him to make Parson Gobwin Knob's Chief Warlord, because she hopes to use Parson in the Thinkamancer's conflict with Charlie. Maggie initially seems very professional and self-controlled; Parson initially describes her as a "cold fish". She loosens up a bit when Parson is demoted and interacts with her on a more social rather than hierarchical basis.

Maggie was part of a group of three linked casters, along with a Foolamancer (Jack Snipe) and a Lookamancer (Misty). This combination was used by Stanley as a command-and-control center: the Lookamancer determined the identities and positions of units on the battlefield, the Foolamancer presented this information in a readily understood display and the Thinkamancer relayed reports and orders. Maggie also provided the necessary magic for the set-up; only a Thinkamancer can establish a link between casters.


After Stanley the Tool ordered the breaking of the link, only Maggie left the set-up without damage. It is heavily implied that she shielded herself from the 'whiplash' of breaking it causing the damage to be reflected at the other two casters. This resulted in Misty's death and a bout of insanity for Jack who continues to suffer from mild mental problems, though if this is a result of the broken link alone is unclear, due his being a Foolamancer and the tenuous grasp on reality that is apparently normal for the discipline.

Since then she has served Parson as adviser and as an instrument in a lot of his plans (i.e. calling Charlie and the coalition leaders).

She was also part of the the short-lived tri-mancer link involved in the Volcano UncroakingErf-b1-p135Same-site.PNG.


Sizemore Rockwell

The two share a strong rapport. As a Caster, Maggie was probably always aware of Sizemore's "Rock Star" status in the Magic Kingdom. However, they probably weren't all that close until they linked to uncroak the Volcano, and learned just how compatible they really were.

Some level of romantic involvement is implied, but not yet resolved as definitely present or absent.

Sizemore and Maggie have discovered that they can easily link up for casting spells together. This linkage not only boosts Sizemore's abilities, it is also very enjoyable.

Parson Gotti

Parson initially hated Maggie because she was responsible for Misty's death. Since then he seems to have forgiven her. Their relationship began very formally but the two began to be social once Parson stepped down from Chief Warlord, to the point she feels comfortable questioning him, advising him, and teasing him about romantic and sexual matters, and has even been hinting at a level of romantic interest herself. Parson for his part enjoys conversations with her, since she is good at finding ways to "kick his ass with one sentence", making her a fun challenge to contend with.

Maggie is probably the staunchest defender of Parson's abilities post volcano-TPK, to the point that she directly argued against Stanley's order regarding his demotion. She felt that Parson was wasting his talents just acting as City manager to a city and urged him to do more. When the Siege of Spacerock went disastrously wrong and Ansom went down as Gobwin Knob's Chief Warlord, she even went so far as to use a suggestion spell to make Stanley appoint Parson as Ansom's replacement. This causes Parson to feel a great deal of animosity towards her, since she made him Chief Warlord against his will. He becomes especially angry when he learns that it wasn't just for the good of the side, but an underhanded part of her efforts to advance the interests of her fellow Thinkamancers.

Parson has considered Maggie to be one of the very few people he trusts. But with recent events, he has found himself questioning her Loyalty between himself and the Great Minds. In response, Maggie has offered him the reassurance, that as long as he opposes Charlie, he can count her on his side. Maggie has gone so far as to betray the Great Minds' secrets to Parson, believing that he can best serve their purposes if he is fully informed. Isaac noted a suspicious shift in her posture when she learned that Bunny broke an oath to the Great Minds for reasons of love.

A Date-a-mancer, Janis, eventually explains to Parson her ability to see connections, and confirms that Maggie is desperately in love with him.



Maggie provided Parson with a lot of useful information about Thinkamancy. When she is being didactic, as in First_Intermission_29, Parson sees her manner as resembling Catwoman. Their working relationship progresses eventually, and she grows to develop such respect for his abilities that she questions Stanley's decision to replace Parson as chief warlord of Gobwin Knob.

She finds a kindred spirit in Sizemore after the volcano link, and the two appear to have become quite friendly with each other.

There are some indications that Maggie may have some romantic feelings toward Parson as well.

Maggie's Ashen skin may be due to Signamancy or natural albinism.

Real World References

Maggie is most likely a reference to Margaret Thatcher, to whom she bears some resemblance.

Her outfit, specifically the black blazer with white piping, is also surprisingly reminiscent of Number 6 from The Prisoner - a rebellious former spy who refuses to bend to his captors' mind control techniques. (Given that this is a puzzling association for Maggie's character, this resemblance may be unintentional, or hint at an unrevealed backstory.) Maggie is one of the few Gobwin Knob units who does not wear medieval-inspired clothing.