Luckamancy Charms

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Luckamancy charms: They're Tragically Malicious!

Proposed Canon

Luckamancy Charms is the cereal that Parson is given when Gobwin Knob's turn began.Erf-b1-p106Same-site.PNG

It held the tip of the sword, completing it and bestowing 'Leadership, combat and ruthlessness'.


On the front, it held an example of a bowl of the cereal, with the Mathamancy Gauntlet, the 3d glasses and the sword (completed). It also showed Hamstard with a green Irish hat with a clover in it. The back held a maze transposed on a volcano (Gobwin knob's location) with a green dwagon flying nearby.

As the box "contains a full day's supply of Luckamancy", it may have bestowed Luckamancy on Parson, but, since the Stupid Meals didn't bestow stupidity on Parson, it may be assumed that it did nothing beyond satisfying Parson's hunger.

Real World References

It is similar to Lucky Charms, a popular cereal.