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Luck is an unknowable "natural" magical stat. In this way, it affects all units to one degree or another. It has been known to change from time to time, and may be affected by a unit's actions, items, or other things. Luckamancy is the one magical discipline which takes advantage of this stat. It has been implied that a unit may have a naturally high or low luck, and potentially even negative luck. Luck could be taken or given in theory. It has also been implied (by those units interacting with Clay Dice) that luck tends to return to its default or natural value after a period of time if it has been recently boosted through magical means. That could be likened to a gambler's winning streak. At some point the streak will end, perhaps even abruptly, and after that point he wouldn't seem to have any more or less luck than he normally had. It goes without saying that luck behaves in strange ways. It has no concept of time or turns. Luck tends to act more predictably at very high levels, and more randomly at lower levels.