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This is an alphabetical list of trigger words seen in the comic, and the assumed Real World reference that the trigger word evokes.

...Aggro:Used by Wanda Firebaugh to destroy much of Jetstone's airforce, including the Archon Jaclyn. References the act of getting a monsters attention in an mmorpg, example: [1] a boss to start the fight. It was used after Wanda uttered several well known gaming cheat codes that let the characters access what is known as God Mode in their respective games. Erf-b1-p095Same-site.PNG

Callahan's:Used by Maggie during the link up of Sizemore Rockwell and Wanda to uncroak the volcano near the end of book one. Could reference Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, a story where unique people gather in a bar owned by Callahan. Telepathy has happened in the saloon several times and it is an all or nothing ordeal. You either share all information with everyone or don't have telepathy and share nothing. Given the nature of Caster Links, it appears to be the same type of all or nothing ordeal.

Crypsis: Used by Jack Snipe to hide himself, Stanley and several dwagons from Transylvito troops. References camouflage to hide from predators.

Ephedra: Used by Maggie to refresh Parson's mind when he was tired. References a herb that is used in Chinese medicine.

Foghat: Used by Jack Snipe to obscure his stack, and presumably make individual targeting impossible. It is unclear if Fool for the city is also part of the invocation, or just a description of the baffle. References the band Foghat and their fifth album.

Hoboken:Used by MaggieErf-b1-p133Same-site.PNG as an offensive attack, but appears not very powerful. References hadoken from the Street Fighter series, and the city of Hoboken, New Jersey.

Hoffa: Used by Jillian Zamussels to activate a message hat and make a letter disappear[b1-010:9]. It is a reference to Jimmy Hoffa, who mysteriously disappeared in 1975.

Leverage; Synergy; Paradigm and others: Used by Charlie's Archon's to fight the wounded dwagons. Like all of Archon Spells, they are plays on management jargon. They are powerful attacks, but seem to be connected to what Jetstone paid for. Erf-b1-p121Same-site.PNG

Livingstone: Used by Prince Ansom to activate a message hat and make a letter appear. It is a reference to David Livingstone, who disappeared for six years before reappearing in a town in Tanzania.

Mind the gap: Used by Sizemore to begin digging a tunnel in the MagicKingdom.[b2-058:2] References subway trains, famously the London Underground.

Pozzolana: Used by Sizemore to rejuvenate a metal golem that proceeded to kill Webinar and his girlfriend. References a type of volcanic ash.

Scruby:Used by Wanda in the Summon Perfect Warlord Spell that grabbed Parson from our world to theirs. References Jack Scruby, who is considered the man who began miniature wargaming. Scruby is also a Ruby shell for packet sending and sniffing, which may be a reference to the Findamancy and summoning aspects of the Summon Perfect Warlord Spell.

Trioxin:Used by Wanda Firebaugh to uncroak Jetstone units that were croaked in the tunnels underneath Gobwin Knob. References the fictional corpse-reanimating chemical "2-4-5 trioxin" from the Return of the Living Dead film series (which may in turn be a reference to the chemical 1,3,5-Trioxane, a substance related to formaldehyde that is used by morticians).

Possible Magic Words

Words used in attacks, but may not necessarily be 'magic'.

Van de Graaf: Used by Stanley in the fight with Transylvito. It is a very strong attack that sends the Chief Warlord of Transylvito Caesar Borgata, and his bats, which count for heavy infantry thanks to bonuses, flying back. Uses lightning. References the Van de Graaf generators, or, a rock band by the same name.

LemonParty, Tubgirl, Meatspin, Goatse: Used by Sizemore, read from a scroll. The words are the names of a series of extremely obscene websites often used by Internet trolls to disgust their victims. As such websites are colloqially called "shock sites", it is likely that the scroll held a Shockmancy spell. The words also create the sound effect "NSFW" (Not Safe For Work).Erf-b1-p126Same-site.PNG Note that due to the extremely NSFW nature of the websites in question, no link has been provided in this article.

Tesla: Used by Ossomer in fighting Ansom at the Battle of the Expository Bridge. After saying the word, a ray of some sort, with the sound effect of "Teleforce," shot from Ossomer's bracer, knocking Ansom off his carpet.LIAB 8 "Tesla" is a reference to Nikola Tesla, a scientist who worked extensively with electricity and claimed to develop a direct energy weapons and, specifically, his "teleforce" particle beam projector.